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LightRiver, known for its network design and deployment expertise, is entering a new era under the leadership of recently appointed CEO Mike Jonas. With the rise of automation and software-driven infrastructure, we are broadening our scope beyond design and into actively operating and maintaining networks.

In a recent interview with Telecom Ramblings, Mike sheds light on LightRiver’s path ahead and the evolving demands of the telecommunications industry at large. Below are some key takeaways from the interview.

  • netFLEX-as-a-Service: A standout highlight is our introduction of netFLEX-as-a-Service. This service empowers network operators, including tier-2 and tier-3 carriers, to access network intelligence, monitoring, troubleshooting, analysis and corrective action through a single connection.
  • Intelligent Automation: LightRiver is revolutionizing network maintenance by proactively identifying network anomalies and addressing issues before they escalate, an approach that is both efficient and cost-effective.
  • The Road Ahead: LightRiver may, in the future, offer engineering-as-a-service for netFLEX-enabled networks and explore growth opportunities through potential partnerships and acquisitions. But this isn’t something we will see until at least 2025.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: LightRiver remains dedicated to core customer segments – telco and carrier, cloud and data center and regulated utility markets.
  • Navigating the Last Mile: LightRiver is seeing growing involvement in last-mile access projects. This has historically not been a big part of what LightRiver does, but it’s a growing part of what we’re doing today.
  • AI Integration: LightRiver is incorporating Artificial Intelligence to streamline processes and enhance problem-solving capabilities, shortening search and test cycles. But we are doing so safely and within our internal AI policy.
  • Addressing the Talent Deficit: Automation and AI are key to addressing the industry’s talent deficit, allowing skilled engineers to focus on critical tasks.

Read the full interview with Mike Jonas on Telecom Ramblings.

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