LightRiver Software (formerly Unique Computer Services, Inc.) is a pioneer and industry leader in the development and support of multi-vendor telecommunications network and element management systems software. Unique’s industry-leading product, netFLEX®, enables telecommunications carriers and enterprise companies of all sizes to efficiently manage anything from a few to several hundred thousand network elements, with support across a broad range of vendors and devices.

LightRiver’s team has years of experience in optimized feature development, network element vendor support, telephony operations, and project management. Long-standing, highly cooperative working relationships with vendor partners have enabled Unique to develop additional features and updates for new hardware releases with outstanding rapidity.

Unique was founded as an independent company in 1984 providing contract services and development in the telephony environment. It has been an innovator in the field for over 25 years.

netFLEX™ is a complete turnkey solution that can be deployed in three configurations:

Network/Element Management System (NMS/EMS)

Maximize Efficiency

netFLEX™ functions as an “out of the box” network and element management system for legacy and next generation network elements from vendors such as Alcatel-Lucent and Cisco, as well as for an extensive range of other vendor’s network elements. Support for additional NEs can be added by agreement.

Full EMS includes (where supported by the specific NE):

  • Network discovery
  • Software download
  • Memory backup and restoration
  • Port parameter setting / equipment management
  • Ethernet management

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Customer Network Management

Generate revenue

netFLEX™ CNM is a premier vehicle for end customer management of transport and data services. In this configuration, netFLEX™ enables service providers to generate revenue by partitioning network facilities and network management features among customers on a highly granular basis. By providing secure network unbundling, netFLEX™ allows customer network management of owned, leased and virtual private networks. Users, who can number from a handful to many thousands, each have their own preferences, permissions, and views of the network facilities that they lease.

netFLEX™ CNM offers:

  • A highly scalable solution
  • Simple secure web access
  • Secure provisioning, fault and PM management features on a customer specific partitioned basis
  • Optimal configuration management.

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Enhanced Performance Management

Proactively manage infrastructure to meet commitments and avoid SLA payments/refunds
netFLEX’s EPM configuration provides real-time monitoring and preventive maintenance system capabilities that enable providers to manage their network infrastructures proactively to maximize revenues by avoiding SLA payments/refunds.

EPM provides:

  • Real-time receipt and display of “threshold crossing alerts” (TCAs)
  • Retrieval and display of
    • 15 minute performance data on demand
    • 24 hour performance data on scheduled basis
  • Graphical and tabular reporting and analysis
  • Problem PM display to isolate problems of particular interest. Problem circuit states include predefined states such as Investigate, Repair, Study, Chronic, and Trouble as well as customer defined states.
  • Worklists and hourly PM
  • Trending for flagged circuits
  • Performance Percent Quality Value (PQV) calculations.

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