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Introducing Network Management with SaaS Private Cloud Hosted Model

Did you hear the great news? LightRiver recently announced the release of netFLEX® as a Service (nFaaS), a service designed to provide a comprehensive view of your network and accelerate automation. If you are looking to streamline your transport network management while keeping costs low and ensuring data security, LightRiver’s new SaaS Private Cloud Hosted model could be the solution for you. Read on to learn about nFaaS.

Q: What is netFLEX and why a SaaS Private Cloud Hosted model?

A: netFLEX is the only platform that enables uniform management of transport networks for cost avoidance, operational scale and new revenue enablement. nFaaS offers companies a low-cost way to get a full view of their transport network in one place and accelerate Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) and automation.

Q: Who is this offering ideal for?

A: This offering is tailored to enterprise and data center customers located in North America and Europe who manage small to medium-sized networks. It is designed to serve organizations looking to enhance their network management capabilities without breaking the bank.

Q: What are the key packages available with this offering?

A: The full-featured netFLEX is available in two packages:

Discover, Analyze, & Assure (DAA): This package provides comprehensive network management capabilities — collecting all vital health and performance data from the network to automatically detect, predict and resolve issues.

Optical Domain Control (ODC): The ODC package is ideal for businesses seeking service automation and control across disparate suppliers and technologies.

Q: What is SD-Waves, and how does it enhance network visibility?

A: Available with the new offering, SD-Waves is a self-serve private optical network management tool. It allows you to monitor traffic statistics from anywhere and on any device. It is available with an initial feature set focused on inventory & maintenance.

Q: How does this solution ensure data security?

A: nFaaS leverages SD-WAN technology, establishing encrypted tunnels for communication with network elements within your customer network. This encryption ensures that your data remains secure and protected, even as it is managed and analyzed through the platform.

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