Factory Built Network® (FBN®)


Every project is unique and every customer has unique requirements. LightRiver customizes the Factory Built Network (FBN) process to meet the specific needs of each project. For most network builds, and after Purchasing and Logistics processing, projects fall into one of four categories listed below:

  1. Factory staging in which networks are racked, powered, the latest software revision loaded, then soaked for 72 hours before being deinstalled with the cards left in place to expedite onsite installation.
  2. Factory Built Network® adds full cabling and provisioning the network once factory staged. Factory Built Networks are fully tested in the factory with all optics, power systems, fail-over verified and test circuits built to verify system performance.
  3. Factory Built Network® with Customer Witnessed Acceptance Testing, which provides the opportunity for the customers to witness the execution of the factory test plan, gain hands-on demonstrations of the network operating system and receive customized class room and factory training on the system design and operation.
  4. The intelligent Factory Built Network® (iFBN®) process builds upon FBN and utilizes netFLEX® Analytics to capture all critical network data at time of network factory build in an ideal environment, and then again via netFLEX at the completion of field installation. The factory and field baselines are compared against one another and the network design for any anomalies, with future audit available as a managed serviced to ensure ongoing network fidelity.
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