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What Is the Factory Built Network® (FBN®)?

LightRiver has developed and implemented a patented, turn-key delivery process, serving as a predictable and proven methodology of deploying complex telecommunications networks.

LightRiver’s intelligent Factory Built Network® (iFBN) solution leverages our network engineering expertise, product reach, testing resources, logistics capabilities and multivendor network automation platform to deliver higher value transport networks. In combination with our unique multi-vendor technology laboratories and purpose-built network factories, LightRiver specialists build, deploy and support the highest-performing, most reliable transport networks with unprecedented speed and cost-efficiency. After an unparalleled battery of extended testing and burn-in in LightRiver’s facility, networks are deployed rapidly and efficiently in the field, completing new network deployment in record time, while offering an objective prescription for ongoing network health.

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The Difference:

Turnkey Solutions Individually Tailored to each Client!

The Factory Built Network® (FBN) model has been proven to deliver better documented, more reliable networks, with less technology risk, in less time, and with less disruption and lower cost to customers.

LightRiver’s process for deploying Factory Built Network mitigates the inherent risks and delays in a traditional deployment process, transfers more knowledge and enables the unprecedented use of task-relevant expertise and testing. As a result, LightRiver can build better networks, faster.

All equipment is shipped to LightRiver’s facility initially, organized, labeled and managed efficiently by inventory control experts. Failed parts are identified and replaced early in the process, without the need for extended stays at customer sites, extra trips to remote locations or increased expense for customer escorts.

In a centralized laboratory setting, or “factory,” LightRiver manages the work in a more productve and efficient manner, in a roomier and better-organized environment, and brings in highly experienced specialists and test equipment as needed for each step of the process.

Network & Service Health That Is ‘Baked In’ To Deployment (iFBN)

The intelligent Factory Built Network (iFBN) process builds upon FBN and utilizes netFLEX® Analytics to capture all critical network data at time of network factory build in an ideal environment, and then again via netFLEX at the completion of field installation. The factory and field baselines are compared against one another and the network design for any anomalies. This data-driven testing approach ensures the highest quality network implementation while providing a benchmark or ‘golden config’ of the Day 1 performance, and beyond.


LightRiver intelligent Factory Built Network™

LightRiver Interop Lab Tour & Ciena RLS Proof of Concept

“LightRiver is without a doubt my best optical transport systems integrator. There are times that we position their services over our own because it makes sense for the end customer.” – Senior Director, OEM

“They’re always way faster than us. We are never waiting on them, they’re always waiting on us.” – Principal Transmissions Network Architect, Large IOU

Services Offered With & Independently of FBN


LightRiver provides the resources, experience and tools necessary to install, integrate, test, turn-up and provision transport equipment and nodes into new and existing networks based on your needs, while optimizing deployments to meet the exact requirements of your project.


With LightRiver’s FBN process, if testing reveals a performance issue, it can be resolved by a team of expert Optical Engineers with a full set of tools. Using FBN allows for networks to be tested more extensively and saves time in the onsite troubleshooting process.


With LightRiver’s unique access to, and expertise in, the leading multivendor network equipment and software automation solutions, a single solution provider can deploy a multivendor, multidomain network, and integrate the SDN plaftorms most appropriate to its agile operation.


LightRiver leverages our specialists to provide hands-on training courses designed around your unique requirements and expectations. We also offer remote technical support, network management and front line network maintenance.

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