Network Automation





Software-Defined Networking (SDN):

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is an approach that enables the network to be intelligently and centrally controlled using software applications regardless of vendor or technology.

LightRiver offers a full set of network software tools and services to optimize multidomain efficiencies while enabling consistently, high quality of service, which is critical in mission-critical networks, for;

  • Infrastructure Management
  • Network Monitoring & Control
  • Network Planning
  • Network Design
  • Service Delivery
  • Network Performance Assurance
  • MultiAccess Edge Computing (MEC)
  • Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)

Network and NFV Orchestration – The LightRiver approach to designing, deploying and managing networks must be viewed through the software-centric lens. From intelligent mobile backhaul and broadband access to high-speed optical backbones, SDN and SD-WAN technology enables the transformation of access, datacenter, metro and long-haul networks into demand-responsive infrastructures that are ready for next-generation services in a world where everything is On-Demand and Virtualized.

The gig economy, and ‘X-as-a-service’ models have driven digitalization of services and cloud migration, both of which now rely on immediate, high performance connectivity, paired with AI-based insights and machine learning, where operators must manage the ensure network in real time, regardless of the underlying network technology. The promise of SDN, NFV, SD-WAN and MEC is that you can profitably grow your services on-demand, while simultaneously simplifying operations, via a programmable network infrastructure.

Figure 1: SDN (Software Defined Network) Architecture


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