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Optical communication is any type of communication in which light is used to carry the signal to the remote end, instead of electrical current.

At LightRiver, it’s our priority to truly understand your business needs and that begins by listening. Using our multi-technology, multi-vendor expertise, we then work together as partners to create a unique, optimal solution which delivers the business advantage needed to excel in today’s challenging environment.

Network design is defined as “the ability to select and integrate products and technologies to meet your business requirements.” Network design is the first step in laying the foundation to a stable and successful infrastructure. LightRiver provides a customized start to finish process for all of your network design needs, which includes the following services.


We can arm you with critical industry, technology, and product information required to make the right decisions and help move your business forward. This can be delivered with an a la carte, or as part of our award-winning Factory Built Network® process.


LightRiver Certified Network Design Services support customers during the planning, analysis, and integration of equipment and software into new or existing networks. We provide crucial information on product capabilities, interoperability, and industry experiences to help you design the best infrastructure possible. Our technical staff is highly experienced and certified by the top manufacturers in the market.


With over 20 years of focus on transport networking, LightRiver has the facilities, processes and logistical relationships to procure the leading products produced for mission critical networks. This is all with privileged access to technology, products, pricing, delivery, support and training.

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Optical Line Systems

Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) transport products combine multiple channels of data, storage, video and/or voice protocols onto a single fiber. These systems provide the most scalable, best cost-per-bit solution for transport services offerings.

Open Line Systems (OLS) allow for the integration of multiple signal sources, and multiple vendors within a single network. By incorporating Reconfigurable Optical Add-Drop Multiplexers (ROADM’s), these platforms can address the most dynamic traffic patterns. They allow operators to add, remove, and reroute any signal without affecting other services.

Data Center Interconnection

Data Center Interconnection (DCI) solutions deliver high capacity, reliable links between two or more data center facilities. Solutions for DCI requirements encompass a broad range – from low cost, long-distance optics plugged directly into the data center devices, to small optical devices (often called “Compact Modular Optical Systems”) which provide high-capacity transport where fiber is in short supply.

Hybrid Packet-Optical

LightRiver’s evolved portfolio of multi-vendor, carrier-grade, packet optical products enable multi-layer network convergence. They eliminate the cost and complexity of multiple network elements and allow service providers to better leverage their existing network infrastructure. These best in class solutions accelerate service delivery without compromising efficiency. They also provide scalability for inevitable bandwidth growth.

Packet Transport

LightRiver’s portfolio of packet transport products allows our customers to gain preferred access to the leading carrier grade and industrial IP/MPLS Routers and Packet Switches deployed today. These solutions provide the best in customer quality of experience, whether used in a pure transport network or in more complex service delivery infrastructures.

Our integrated IP over DWDM (IPoDWDM) solutions can help you radically change the economics of metro Data Center and Ethernet Business Service delivery by increasing capacity while decreasing network cost-per-bit, complexity, and time-to-service.

Wireless Transport

Microwave radio, Private LTE & WLAN can be valuable components of a hybrid transport solution, and are a good fit for utilities, telcos, wireless, public safety, transit authorities, and other private networks. As 5G is deployed, transport networks will evolve to meet new demands ranging from network densification and network slicing, to radio access network (RAN) decomposition and network function virtualization (NFV). While transport will depend on a mix of technologies including IP, fiber, and broadband, new wireless capabilities will contribute to the most compelling and cost competitive, complete network solutions.

Network Automation

LightRiver believes network automation is vital to the most reliable, flexible and efficient networks. LightRiver offers a full set of network automation tools. This includes our netFLEX® and Services portfolio, best in class OEM software solutions, comprehensive operational advantages throughout the life-cycle of your multi domain network, network planning, service delivery and assurance.

“We can engage LR to bring in different vendors to whiteboard different thoughts.“ – Chief Network Architect, Large Fiberco

“LightRiver stood out for vendor-agnostic characteristics. We can go to them for questions regarding all plaPorms, which is very helpful.” – Senior Network Engineer, FAANG CDN


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