Networks Are Converging

Advanced communications are mission-critical for Telco’s, especially as they begin to compete for customers they have perhaps supported for over one hundred years. Increased revenue and reduced capital and operation expenditures may seem at odds, but, at LightRiver, we help you realize new opportunities while managing efficiencies. We address real-world network challenges by integrating the best of a multi-vendor world to help you merge your services onto a carrier-grade solution that is tailored to your exact needs. And we do this with the highest levels of reliability, scalability, security and value.

We’re here to help you elevate and leverage your network – enabling the shift to a more efficient and effective organization.


Wireless Backhaul

Wireless backhaul is a huge opportunity for Telco’s. Fueled by video and personal devices, mobile traffic is exploding – doubling, tripling or more year after year. There are over 300,000 cell sites in various stages of migrating from 2G to 3G to 4G to 5G. All of these cell sites will need additional backhaul capacity to move traffic to the mobile switch center. The best architecture for this depends on a variety of factors.

Explore different LightRiver architectures for Wireless Backhaul:


Triple & Quadruple Play

Business performance is putting pressure on all aspects of the enterprise and the communications infrastructure is no different. Residential customers expect quality data, voice and video services, and commercial clients demand it. Business performance is putting pressure on all aspects of the enterprise and the communications infrastructure is no different. It must be efficient and cost effective, with quality data, voice and video services. While data demands are increasing, a network overbuild in every market is not feasible.

Quadruple play, combining the triple play service of broadband Internet access, television and telephone with wireless service provisions, especially to enterprise clients, only exacerbates an already challenging business environment.

Explore LightRiver applications for delivering Quadruple & Triple Play services:

Gigabit Transport Services for Carriers and Business Services

The networking industry is at a crucial point, as bandwidth demands for collaboration, video, and mobile traffic are increasing like never before, putting service provider networks under even more pressure. Service providers themselves are struggling to increase average revenue per user (ARPU), while reducing costs for upgrades and operations, and relying on Carriers Carrier’s and their extended technology partnerships more than ever.

LightRiver offers end-to-end 100 Gbps solutions, and above, that can span the core, network edge, data center, and optical transport. These custom network solutions are built on the latest innovations in high-speed optics, lowering the cost per bit, while dramatically scaling network capacity.

Many service providers want to provide enhanced metro Ethernet services, in the form of DWDM and Carrier Ethernet.

Explore LightRiver applications for delivering Gigabit Transport Services:

Internet Access

The Internet is no longer a place for casual surfing. Terms like scalable, reliable and low latency are now part of every conversation. As more and more businesses seek to leverage cloud-based applications, it is becoming readily apparent that what companies need are Internet connectivity solutions that were designed specifically to support business customers.

Explore LightRiver applications for delivering Data Center Interconnect:

  • DWDM and ROADMs for DIA
  • Carrier Ethernet for DIA
  • MPLS for DIA
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