IMG_1982LightRiver NOV suite leverages our specialist engineers and partners as virtual members of your team to deliver critical network operations and support functions. Our specialists can work with you to combine specific services into a comprehensive operations and maintenance package that offers a turn-key or managed service solution—designed around your unique requirements and expectations.

NOV leverages on demand LightRiver multi-vendor resources to virtualize certain network operations functions required by individual fiber network operators. NOV decreases the cost of dedicated personnel needed to support new and existing transport products and technologies, allowing investments targeted at strategic priorities.

When it comes to learning a new trade, tool or technique, nothing is better than receiving direct, hands-on training. This is one of the reasons for our LightRiver Labs and Factory at our corporate headquarters form the foundation for our NEV, NIV and NOV capabilities.

ALP_1LightRiver’s facilities allow for classroom, lab and factory based training, plus what if analysis and migration planning. There’s no substitute for putting the technology lessons learned to the paces in the lab right next door to the classroom.

The LightRiver Knowledge Transfer Experience includes a comprehensive suite of internal and vendor training courses, modules and practices to train customer personnel in the installation, administration, maintenance, and operations of today’s next generation transport networking equipment and configurations. LightRiver uses the latest in learning technologies and methodologies to create a personalized learning environment, providing timely and relevant information in easily-accessible formats, in Concord, at a vendor facility, or virtually.

LightRiver offers its training courses in multiple formats:

  • E-Learning Format: LightRiver provides access to many vendor and industry courses, videos, and tutorials, often in an e-learning format.
  • Classroom Learning Format: LightRiver offers a variety of standard and custom courses in a classroom learning format, with extensive hands-on labs on the latest transport equipment.
  • Factory Built Network Training:

Our expert instructors provide customized one-on-one classroom training with supporting materials and hands-on demonstrations/testing in our state-of-the-art LightRiver Labs designed for optimized knowledge transfer. Other training methodology employed by LightRiver to ensure your staff receives thorough and ongoing training include: LightRiver Learning Series webinars & newsletters, lab training & testing and suitcase training.

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