High Demand and Growth around Data Center Interconnectivity

IMG_1896The need for data center capacity continues to grow exponentially. This growth is driven by many new data intensive activities, such as increased use in video, tablets, and smartphone traffic requiring peering, content delivery, and Internet access. In addition to this, basic inter-data applications like backup/recovery and data protection are growing, along with new demands such as the need for new Multi-cloud or inter-cloud connectivity, massive data for big data or storage-intensive applications like digital media, content streaming, and multiple geographic sites expanding beyond local metropolitan to national and international levels.

As a result, it’s becoming imperative to move to 100G, 200G, 400G and above – while enabling programmatic workload orchestration between customer site, colo facility and cloud services for today’s Ethernet services architectures, providing deterministic bandwidth, low latency and low, or zero, loss.

The age of terabit networks is upon us


On-demand, cloud backbone networks effectively break down the physical walls of individual data centers, creating a global, virtual data center that encompasses multiple physical ones in multiple locations. The virtual pool of store and compute, enabled by high capacity, on demand, connectivity will effectively address any workload demand.

In order to keep up with demand, data center operators must provide highly reliable network connections between customer demarcation points across multiple data centers in a metropolitan area, while also protecting and connecting customers’ critical computing environments. Inter-data center core networking provides scalable, protected and programmable packet optical connections.

Carrier-neutral data center operators

Carrier-neutral data center operators need scale and performance to keep their customers happy. If you’re linking your various facilities in a metro network, LightRiver can offer you more capacity per fiber, customized to your need, than any individual vendor in the marketplace thanks to our focused business model.

The underlying foundation for every successful outsourcing operation is a highly reliable and robust hardware infrastructure. “All applications always on” is an important selling point and sharing resources efficiently is mandatory to create a profitable business case for the data center operator. Ultimately, customers want ease-of-use, reliability, security and cost efficiency. To meet these expectations, scalable data center connectivity solutions that meet today’s and tomorrow’s transmission data demands are critical.

Web, Cloud, ICPs

Internet content providers (ICP) need massive scale and speed to keep up with the pace of business growth. LightRiver can help with its 100G, 200G and 400G connectivity portfolio for metro, regional, national and global networks, specially selected from the leading manufacturers in the industry.

Content Service Providers are facing a global dilemma. Their users are globally dispersed, they are always on and every moment of network downtime will damage business. Consequently, what started as a single data center operation to offer content has evolved into a geographically dispersed network infrastructure. High bandwidth and low latency highways between data centers are critical to keep content current and users happy. Only fiber-optic transmission technology can do this. Cost-effective transmission of native Ethernet signals at the speed of light using wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) technology ensures highest availability and maximum performance. Paired with new technologies such as virtualization, cloud computing and software-defined networking (SDN) the agile optical network enables Content Service Providers to meet customer expectations.

  • Maximize the overall business value of your network
  • Generate additional revenue from offering differentiated services
  • Speed of initial deployment and scalability
  • Leverage existing physical infrastructure with distributed, virtual data centers
  • Deliver network value through cost-optimization
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