Data center interconnect test and monitoring

Data centers are a critical part of webscale and service provider’s networks. These providers rely on a highly scalable and dynamic network to deliver the advanced, mission critical services their customers are looking for—and data center interconnect (DCI) is the backbone of these networks.

The Nova Fiber Monitoring System (FMS) is an advanced, cloud-based solution that supports the entire lifecycle of fiber services—from rapid, automated service activation testing and baseline creation to 24×7 monitoring of both lit and dark fiber assets to advanced troubleshooting and GIS tools to support even the most stringent SLAs.

DCI providers can rest easy knowing their data center customers can get the fiber services they need, when they need them, knowing their fiber assets are fully monitored and compliant with their customers needs, and if they’re not, being able to instantly identify the issue and its location to take immediate corrective action and reduce MTTR and SLA exposure.

Key benefits of Nova Fiber FMS

Built for data centers

Highly scalable, cloud native management system with open APIs for integration into OSS/BSS systems and test orchestrators.

Fully automated test and monitoring

Auto-threshold detection and baselining enable automated fiber test and turn up and segment-by-segment thresholds alarm…without human assistance.

Fastest test cycle

5 second fast test cycle per fiber monitored means quicker time to detect optical layer issues and shorter MTTR.

24x7 visibility

Monitor both dark and lit fibers simultaneously leveraging ultra low loss optical mux for FMS test wavelength insertion.

Precise fault localization

Identify locations of splices, patch panels, fiber cuts and other deviations from established baselines and locate them precisely using Google maps services. Automatically account for slack loops, pole risers and patch cords for increase accuracy.

High density solution

Scalable RTU configurations from 12 fibers in 1RU to 1024 fibers in 3RU and up to 1000 RTUs per FMS system.

Vendor agnostic system

Works flawlessly with any equipment providers WDM couplers/ splitters and optical switches.

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