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Optical networking isn’t just about pushing bytes in the 21st century. The voracious demand for mobile, video and cloud-based services is placing enormous pressure on your network and your people. It’s no longer enough to throw bandwidth at these issues. Rather, a scalable, versatile and dynamic networking solution, developed and supported by an ecosystem of trusted partners, that can adapt to the ever-changing needs of your users is what will help an operator to meet exceed its business plan.

Agility has come of age in Optical Networking. Streamlined optical networks that combine packet and photonic switching technologies, augmented by entirely new software paradigms, making it easier than ever to connect your customers to the services they need — while realizing the full potential of the operator network – as we move to true on-demand bandwidth.

comptelfall15_1LightRiver delivers turnkey transport network solutions individually tailored to each client. Our approach to applying next-generation transport technologies to custom, mission-critical networks is simple. We strive for an intimate understanding of your business before we create a solution and then, using our experience, we apply innovative, best-in-class products to solve the unique challenges of your network.

This client-advocate/vendor-neutral approach to mission-critical networks has worked well as we have grown during our 17+ years in business. LightRiver is now North America’s largest integrator of transport networks with over 150 clients, and the only one focused purely on these optical networks.

Our engineering professionals average over 20 years in the business and technology of transport networks and have experience with past, present and next generation of solutions.

Our purchasing and materials handling professionals will leverage tens of millions dollars of annual purchases to your individual benefit, from the largest manufacturers in the market, as well as an ERP environment customized to the needs of these networks.

With these skills and resources, we will help you maximize the value of your network.

If you don’t see what you are looking for, give your LightRiver Account Executive a call. We can customize a solution for you!

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