photoLightRiver Certified Design Services (NEV) provides information, access and technical support to customers during the planning, analysis and engineering of equipment or software into new or existing networks. Our technical staff is highly skilled in the following areas, as certified by the top manufacturers in the market:

  • Network design review
    • Network Architecture Design
  • Site surveys and recommendations for site readiness
    • Detailed Network Design with traffic flows
  • Detailed engineering for racking, power and cable management solutions
  • Comprehensive methods-of-procedure (MOPs) for installation, test and integration and circuit migration

From Concept to Reality

stock-photo-43633756-qc-inspector-engineerDuring the business review process, relative value propositions, preliminary engineering plans and architectures, capex and opex trade-offs, projects plans and a Statement of Work (SOW) are discussed and outlined and used to get a detailed project cost and scope. From that point, the pre-sales engineering plans and transition from concept to reality are confirmed. Transition Engineering and Project Management move your project from a preliminary engineering plan of attack to the Detailed Engineering plan.

A Site Survey is performed to test the assumptions made to develop the initial SOW and engineering efforts. This is a critical component to creating the final Engineering Design Package (EDP) that will be used for actual Installation, Integration and Test & Turn-Up, whether in the Factory or the Field.

Just because your current fiber is handling the traffic, doesn’t mean it be able to handle next-gen traffic. Performing a Fiber Optic Characterization (FOC) prior to implementing your new carrier-grade network is highly recommended to ensure that your fiber is ready to handle increase bandwidth loads, any frequency adjustments and tighter channel spacing of your new equipment. This is especially true if your fiber has been in the ground for a while.

After the Site Survey and FOC have been completed, the Transition Engineering team finalizes the Detailed Engineering plan with any Discrepancy Reports and finalized SOW and EDP with the Project Manager.

In the meantime, LightRiver’s Logistics Services team reviews the final plans and ensures that the right gear is ordered, from the agreed upon Tier 1 manufacturer, labeled, recorded, staged, kitted and shipped to the staging or install site.

Additional NEV Design & Engineer Services Available:

  • DCN Design & Configuration
  • Network Audit
  • Fiber Characterization
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