architect2We are the only systems integrator focused exclusively on packet optical, MPLS, ethernet, and wireless transport technologies. Over half of our staff members are industry veterans of the carrier, equipment and services market segments, most with engineering degrees. And, at LightRiver, we have been designing, engineering, installing and integrating mission critical networks since 1998.

We provide a full suite of carrier-class network, technology and business consulting services to help arm you with critical information to make the right decisions and move your business forward, which can be delivered ala carte, or as part of our Factory Built Network process.

Here’s what we do:

Network Engineering Virtualization (NEV)

NEV leverages on demand LightRiver multi-vendor expertise to virtualize the network engineering services investment now being made by individual fiber network operators. NEV decreases the cost of dedicated personnel needed to launch new transport products, markets and technologies, tying it to the return on defined projects.


Services Development Consulting

You want to introduce new services, increase revenue and stay competitive. But how? What do you need to move forward? Whether it’s commercial wavelength services or cell site backhaul with Ethernet, LightRiver can:

  • Evaluate your current network and recommend the services it will support
  • Recommend changes to your network to support new services


Technology Analysis

Technology is moving a breakneck speed and you don’t always have someone on staff that keeps up with everything. LightRiver is intimately familiar with all next generation transport technologies and provides select Network Engineering Virtualization (NEV) services that keep you focused on the needs of your customer, to:

  • Evaluate your business, technical and budget needs against the value of different technologies
  • Develop technology adoption and comparison analyses for your network
  • Deliver optimum method to deploy, migrate and transfer next generation knowledge using Factory Built Network or Field Built Network options


Network Upgrade Planning

You have a vision of where your network needs to grow, but you’re not sure how to get there. LightRiver has been designing mission-critical networks for decades. We can provide the virtual network engineering to:

  • Review your network as-built and topology and any constraints and compliance issues
  • Forecast growth demands on your network
  • Develop network support requirements by service
  • Develop a network architecture, technology options and a phased migration strategy
  • Compare all of the above against staffing realities, constraints and goals
  • Develop predictable timeline for service delivery


Compliance Consulting

Compliance has become an everyday reality. LightRiver can help you wade through the requirements and help develop solutions for compliance, including:

  • Network security strategy and development
  • Back-up control center construction and deployment
  • Network audits
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