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PTC’19 comes just as quickly as it goes (as does Metro Connect, which we have just returned from as well!). PTC is an industry leading event that the LightRiver team looks forward to year-to-year. This year’s event brought productive networking, an exciting award win and our annual catch up with Jaymie Scotto & Associates for our JSA TV Interview.

In case you missed it, LightRiver won the Best Network Intelligence Innovation award at PTC’19 for our netFLEX® and Waves Intent Based Networking (IBN)! The prestigious industry award recognizes the most outstanding innovation in network intelligence, e.g., SD-WAN, “smart data” performance analysis and fault detection, or bandwidth autoscaling driven by cloud orchestration.

Buzzing with excitement, we also always look forward to catching up with Jaymie Scotto Cutaia for our JSA TV Interview. We discussed how LightRiver will continue to grow throughout the year ahead and more. Mike Jonas, LightRiver President of Global Customer Operations, stated “Outside of technology we have had a lot of operational activity over the last year. Our Factory Built Network remains to be on fire as the most predictable way to deploy next generation networks. We’ve also grown our West Coast warehousing by double, along with our New England warehouse. We expect to continue to see more of that type of growth for the rest of the year – trend lines for the transport industry is on the up.”To watch the entire video, click here.

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