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We live in a world where technology is continuously changing. One could buy the latest and greatest tech product and before you know it, a new, more enhanced version has replaced it. But with these new devices, arises a need for greater connectivity. Insert 5G, the holy grail of next generation mobile internet connectivity. There is no doubt that there is a new network standard, but what does this mean for users and businesses around the world?

Enhanced Mobile Broadband: i.e. speed. Many sources are saying that 5G will be close to 100 times faster than 4G. That’s a BIG difference, as 5G is set to offer speeds that surplus 1Gb/s (1000Mbit/s), with many estimating it closer to 10Gb/s (10000Mbit/s). And that’s not all, it also promises lower latency, which means lag times and delays will no longer be detectable to a user.

Greater Capacity: This is music to everyone’s ears because having larger capacity allows networks to cope better with high-demand applications. Think IoT devices, virtual reality experiences and HD video streaming without having to sit through the buffering process. This means smart buildings and cities will begin to expand their scope even further, making room for all those “things” connected to a network – i.e. fridges, self-driving cars and various appliances.

The Future: This isn’t a time where we think of 5G as simply another network upgrade. It now represents a “revolution” that could enable applications and services to benefit society as a whole, as 5G has the power to open doors to technology advances we’ve only seen in movies. For instance, we might start seeing drones deliver our goods, or other ‘critical’ scenarios such as remote surgery where doctors control medical robots from across the world. The possibilities are limitless.

The truth is, the industry doesn’t know everything that 5G has to offer , but because it’s such a revolutionary technology, it’s likely to be used in services and applications we haven’t even imagined yet. That’s the beauty with technology, it’s always growing and exceeding our expectations. For now, we must wait until 2020 for the latest and greatest, but we promise you’ll be hearing a lot more about 5G and its bright future. Stay tuned.

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