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Picture a world where optical transceiver modules from different vendors seamlessly work in harmony, pushing the limits of network technology. We’re now one step closer to that reality, thanks to a recent multi-vendor interoperability testing conducted at LightRiver. This collaborative effort involved industry leaders like Cisco, Coherent, Fujitsu, Juniper Networks, and Lumentum, showcasing their compatibility across two different types of routers.

Unlocking New Possibilities

The results of these tests demonstrate the successful operation of 400G OpenZR+ optical transceiver modules from multiple vendors, and they also proved error-free transportation of 400G traffic with no post-FEC bit errors. This level of interoperability is a game-changer, shattering barriers within the industry and unlocking new possibilities for network operators.

LightRiver played a pivotal role in facilitating these tests, underlining their commitment to innovation and excellence. By validating the readiness of network operators to scale their networks efficiently, LightRiver empowers them to meet the ever-growing bandwidth demands of the digital age. Their commitment to pushing the limits of optical networking is fueling their ongoing quest to discover what’s possible in this field.

Game-Changing Results

The testing events were conducted in two phases. In the first phase, the focus was on verifying the compliance of optical transceiver QSFP-DD-DCO modules to the OpenZR+ Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) Group. The second phase involved multi-vendor interoperability and performance testing over a multi-span optical line system.

Key highlights of the testing events include:

  • Successful operation of 400G OpenZR+ optical transceiver modules from multiple vendors in different routers.
  • Error-free transportation of 400G traffic with no post-FEC bit errors at a receiver OSNR of 24 dB or less.
  • Interoperability between 400G OpenZR+ optical transceiver modules from five different vendors.
  • Transportation of 400G traffic over a typical DCI use case with 75 km of fiber and a typical metro use case with multi-spans over 430 km of fiber.

Driving Advancements in Network Technology

LightRiver is honored to play a key role alongside OpenZR+ MSA Group and other industry leaders in driving the advancements of network technology. Each of these organizations’ dedication to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in optical networking empowers network operators to efficiently scale their networks and meet the ever-growing demands of the digital age. Collectively, we can envision a future where seamless integration and harmonious functionality of optical transceiver modules from various manufacturers becomes a reality, revolutionizing the landscape of network technology.

For more detailed information about the successful interoperability testing, and to download the new joint white paper, click here.

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