Streamlining Operations: The Impact of Automation on Modern Network Management

In telecommunications, manual interventions and reactive approaches have traditionally been the norm when it comes to managing networks. However, there is a notable shift occurring within the industry towards embracing automation. Professionals in the field are recognizing the benefits of automated solutions in optimizing network operations, enhancing customer satisfaction, and navigating the complexities of today’s […]

How to Maximize Capacity, Performance, and Manageability Using Optical Communications Technology

While the world talks about the next big tech gadget, a silent revolution is already taking place beneath our feet—fiber-optic cables are transforming how we transmit and manage data. These strands of glass are the backbone of our digital age, capable of carrying massive amounts of information at the speed of light. This revolution in […]

The Power of Vendor Neutral Software Solutions in Networking

In the past, managing networks meant being tied to one company’s system, which limited flexibility and innovation. This vendor lock-in not only stifled competition but also restricted network operators’ ability to adopt new technologies and respond to changing market demands. There’s a new trend with software that isn’t tied to any specific vendor, changing how […]

Understanding the Impact of Intent-Based Networking

Picture a world where networks respond instantly to shifting demands, scaling seamlessly to meet the needs of an increasingly interconnected society. It’s a world where digital technologies thrive, driving innovation, efficiency, and connectivity to new heights. This isn’t a distant dream – it’s the reality that network automation brings to life, reshaping the way we […]

Insights from Metro Connect USA 2024: LightRiver’s Strategic Triumphs and Future Outlook

Metro Connect USA, the premier event uniting leadership teams across the US digital infrastructure community, recently provided a platform for industry leaders to converge, exchange ideas, and shape the future of telecommunications. Among them was Bryan Hasegawa, the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer of LightRiver, who shared valuable insights during an interview with […]

LightRiver’s Q1 Achievements Signal Continued Progress in 2024

Building on the remarkable accomplishments of 2023, LightRiver is excited to unveil the extraordinary leap into innovation and growth that marked the first quarter of 2024. Since our inception in 1998, we have expanded our role to become a vital player in network operation, especially with deeper engagement in the operation and maintenance of networks. […]

LightRiver’s Commitment to Advancing Network Technology through Interoperability Testing

Picture a world where optical transceiver modules from different vendors seamlessly work in harmony, pushing the limits of network technology. We’re now one step closer to that reality, thanks to a recent multi-vendor interoperability testing conducted at LightRiver. This collaborative effort involved industry leaders like Cisco, Coherent, Fujitsu, Juniper Networks, and Lumentum, showcasing their compatibility […]

Embracing the Evolution: LightRiver’s Impactful Journey in 2023

Since our inception in 1998, LightRiver has been working behind the scenes, diligently supporting service providers across the industry. As the landscape has shifted towards automation and software-driven infrastructure, we’ve adapted, expanding the company’s role beyond design and deployment to become a vital player in network operation. Year after year, our team has proven LightRiver’s […]

Telecom Ramblings Industry Spotlight: Insights from CEO Mike Jonas

LightRiver, known for its network design and deployment expertise, is entering a new era under the leadership of recently appointed CEO Mike Jonas. With the rise of automation and software-driven infrastructure, we are broadening our scope beyond design and into actively operating and maintaining networks. In a recent interview with Telecom Ramblings, Mike sheds light […]

LightRiver Participates in OIF’s Multivendor Interoperability Showcase at ECOC 2023

LightRiver is excited to share our participation in the upcoming Optical Internetworking Forum’s (OIF) showcase at ECOC 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland on October 2-4! Nearly 40 leading companies in the optical networking industry are coming together to demonstrate innovation and collaboration across four critical sectors: 400ZR+ optics, Co-Packaging Solutions, Common Electrical I/O (CEI) channels, and […]

Pipeline Magazine: Accelerating Network Automation and Innovation with Middleware

Imagine a world where your automation tools seamlessly communicate with all your network devices, regardless of the vendor. No more vendor-specific headaches or delays when a new vendor enters the scene. In Pipeline Magazine’s latest issue, LightRiver’s Vice President of Sales & Support Engineering, Tim Masse, explores the concept of multi-vendor middleware and how it […]

LightRiver’s NEW netFLEX-as-a-Service (nFaaS)

Introducing Network Management with SaaS Private Cloud Hosted Model Did you hear the great news? LightRiver recently announced the release of netFLEX® as a Service (nFaaS), a service designed to provide a comprehensive view of your network and accelerate automation. If you are looking to streamline your transport network management while keeping costs low and […]

NEW VIDEO: Mike Jonas Discusses His New CEO Role at LightRiver and Vision for the Future

Earlier this month, we announced Mike Jonas’s appointment from President of Global Customer Operations to CEO of LightRiver! He recently sat down with JSA to reflect on his 20+ years with us, the solid foundation that his predecessor, Glenn Johansen, laid for the company and what he sees in LightRiver’s future. In the interview, Mike […]

Grain Management-Backed LightRiver Announces Appointment of Mike Jonas as CEO

CONCORD, Calif., Aug. 1, 2023 — LightRiver, the premier optical network integration solution provider for next generation, multi-vendor, Factory Built Networks® and netFLEX® Transport Domain Orchestration and Control Software solutions, announced today its appointment of Mike Jonas as Chief Executive Officer. Jonas steps into the role following the retirement of founder and CEO Glenn Johansen. […]

Whitepaper: The Importance of Multi-Vendor Middleware to Efficient and Accelerated Network Automation and Innovation

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, optical transport networks are witnessing a surge in bandwidth, spectral efficiency and purpose-built disaggregated devices. As network builders push the boundaries of innovation and seek diverse supply options, they face the challenge of integrating disparate functions, such as traditional transponding, amplification, flexible ROADM and pluggable coherent optics. This disaggregation […]

Streamlining Network Operations: Recap of Our “Accelerate the Automation of Multi-Vendor Networks” Webinar

Earlier this month, Jason Garner, Sales Engineer here at LightRiver, delivered an insightful webinar titled, “Accelerate the Automation of Multi-Vendor Networks.” In it, he shed light on LightRiver’s innovative netFLEX® platform and how it empowers service providers to optimize their network operations. Below are the five ways Jason reviewed in order to accelerate network automation. […]

International Telecoms Week 2023: A Recap And Video

Each year, International Telecoms Week (ITW) 2023 brings together industry leaders, experts and innovators to discuss the latest trends and advancements in the telecommunications sector. LightRiver’s own Scotty Benda, Chief Product Officer at LightRiver, had the opportunity to sit down with JSA for an interview during the conference. In this conversation, Scotty shed light on […]

Identifying Revenue Expansion Opportunities with Managed DDoS Protection

With excerpts by LightRiver Partner, Corero Did you know that Service Providers (SPs) across both commercial and residential markets face significant challenges and competition? Of these challenges, perhaps one of the most important, is how to balance the costs involved with protecting critical infrastructure from cyber-attacks that have the potential to paralyze their service, alongside […]

How LightRiver Is Pushing the Boundaries of Optical Networking

Optical networking continues to rapidly evolve, with new technologies and applications emerging all the time. At LightRiver, we’re committed to pushing the boundaries of optical networking and strive to be at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies to provide our clients with the best solutions for their mission-critical networks. Below are five ways we’re pushing the […]

5 Things You Didn’t Know About LightRiver

Curious about one of the leading companies in the field of optical communications technology? Well, here’s an inside look into the world of LightRiver! LightRiver and our team members are known for our commitment to innovation and dedication to providing solutions that meet the needs of customers in this ever-changing industry. But let’s take a […]

How To Make Your Optical Network Future-Proof

Optical networking is an essential component of modern communications infrastructure, but it can be difficult to keep up with the rapid changes in technology and bandwidth demands. To ensure that your optical network is future-proof and ready for whatever comes next, there are a few key considerations you should take into account. Use flexible filters […]

Reasons Why You Should Automate Your Transport Network

Looking for ways to increase the performance, agility and scalability of your optical transport network? If so, then automation could be an ideal solution. Automation can help you manage large-scale networks with minimal effort. It allows for faster response times, increased customer satisfaction and ultimately greater profitability. Let’s take a look at five reasons why […]

LightRiver’s PTC 2023 Event Recap (Including New Video!)

Pacific Telecommunications Council 2023 (PTC) was back this year in full force with the largest number of attendees ever since its inception in 1979 – a true record breaker As many of you already know, PTC is the leading membership organization for telecommunications professionals with interests in the Pacific Rim and its annual conference in […]

LightRiver: A Look Back at 2022

2022 has been an exciting and eventful year for LightRiver. Just on the surface, we’ve worked on the development and launch of new partnerships, won key industry awards, and expanded our team with new and talented industry professionals. Oh, and did we mention our acquisition? Read on for our brief summary of LightRiver’s biggest news […]

Mission-Critical Transport Networks: LightRiver Predicts Key Trends for 2023

The optical transport network industry is at a crossroads. The technology trends that are impacting networks in 2023 present both opportunities and challenges for operators. With 5G and other new technologies, comes the need to revisit the way networks are designed and operated, to allow for flexibility and agility when meeting capacity growth demands. The […]

LightRiver Earns Pipeline Innovation Awards’ Top Category: Editor’s Choice for 2022

LightRiver is proud to announce that we’ve been recognized as Editor’s Choice in the Pipeline Innovation Awards for 2022! It was our esteemed Software Defined Waves (SD-WAVES) solution that took home the top award this year. In addition to our Pipeline Innovation Editor’s Choice award win, , LightRiver’s SD-WAVES was a high-score recipient for the […]

PTC Member Profile Featuring LightRiver’s Scotty Benda

Scotty Benda, Chief Product Officer at LightRiver, has spent over two decades working in the telecommunications industry. In his recent member profile on the Pacific Telecommunications Council’s website, Scotty discusses how telecommunications technologies can help improve our world by connecting people and facilitating communication. He also highlights the importance of network-related developments for the future […]

That’s a Wrap! Successful ‘End-to-End-all-Open’ Collaboration at ECOC 2022

  The largest conference on optical communications in Europe, and one of the most prestigious and long-standing events in this field worldwide took place this past week in Basel, Switzerland. The European Conference on Optical Communication, ECOC, wrapped up on Wednesday, September 21 and welcomed scientists, researchers, technologists and more from companies and universities all […]

LightRiver’s (Busy!) Fall 2022 Conference Events Roundup

As the leaves begin to change color, thoughts turn to the busy fall conference season. The end of the year is an eventful time for service providers and technology professionals with a packed calendar of must-attend events. Below is a dynamic list of events that members of the LightRiver team plan to attend. These events […]

The Future of Open, Automated and Programmable Transport Networks: A 2022 Heavy Reading Survey

As network operators around the world continue to invest in automation strategies, it’s becoming increasingly important for them to include transport layers in their plans. To better understand operator trends, plans and dynamics in this critical yet often overlooked area, Heavy Reading recently launched an in-depth, survey-based research study on the future of open, automated […]

International Telecoms Week 2022: A Recap

International Telecoms Week 2022 (ITW) was back in full force this year after a two-year hiatus from in-person events. The premier event in the digital infrastructure community, ITW is a must-attend annual meeting for everyone and anyone involved in the telecoms and ICT infrastructure space. This year’s event was held May 9-12 in National Harbor, […]

A Framework to Open Optical Success Using Alien Aware Networking™

Who loves vendor lock-in? Neither do we. Gone are the days of relying solely on a single vendor’s closed proprietary optical platform and related network management. Or if utilizing multiple vendors, separating these deployments out by metro or broader geographic regions with minimal interoperability. There is an alternative to this long-standing best practice. In today’s […]

Our COO Reports on the Hottest Trends at OFC 2022

In early March, OFC, the premier global event for optical communications and networking, returned in vigor, welcoming back thousands of exhibitors, attendees and media from across the globe. Converge! Network Digest has all the scoop on the event, including a live report from our own Travis Ewert, who reported the hottest trends as IPoDWDM, 400ZR, […]


2022 is shaping up to be another fantastic year for LightRiver’s trophy case. LightRiver is proud to announce that we took home the winning prize in the 2022 Lightwave Innovation Reviews for our new Software Defined Waves (SD-WAVES) solution! LightRiver’s SD-WAVES, a self-serve private optical network management tool, is set to fundamentally change the industry […]

Lightwave Innovation Reviews Recognizes LightRiver’s SD-WAVES as High Score Recipient!

While last year seemed to be the year for Alien Aware Networking awards for LightRiver, we are continuing our award streak into 2022 with another groundbreaking solution! This year, our SD-WAVES solution has been recognized as a high-score recipient for the 2022 Lightwave Innovation Reviews. LightRiver’s SD-WAVES is set to fundamentally change the industry norm […]

Go Behind The Scenes of LightRiver’s Alien Aware Networking® Lab

In our latest virtual tour video, LightRiver takes you behind the scenes of LightRiver’s Alien Aware Networking® Lab in the San Francisco Bay area. Our COO, Travis Ewert, guides us through the facility while chatting with team members about how we are working with the industry’s leading suppliers and network operators to make open optical a […]

Big Wins For LightRiver in 2021 and What’s Ahead For 2022

2021 was an exciting year for LightRiver filled with company growth, new product developments, industry award wins and a combination of in-person but mostly virtual events. We would say the highlight of 2021 was indeed our official launch of our multi-award-winning Alien Aware Networking solution. While technically debuted in December of 2020, and we’ve been […]

Customer Experience for the Aliens

Today, we are proud to officially announce that following an exciting year of several industry award wins, LightRiver is the 2021 Fierce Telecom Award Winner in the Customer Engagement Category! We are very honored to receive such an important accolade in our industry, and would love to tell you more about how we won this […]

Alien Aware Networking™ Leads the Way

Every year, Light Reading’s Leading Lights Awards remains one of the most coveted awards programs in our industry. Leading Lights Awards recognize the top companies and their executives for outstanding achievements in next-generation communications technology, applications, services, strategies, and innovation. Light Reading has a well-deserved reputation for utilizing an independent analysis of the people, products, […]

A Solid Foundation for Open Optical Networking

At LightRiver, disaggregation and open optical networking is always a crucial topic. In fact, it’s one of the hottest optical trends in 2021, but it’s taken time to get here. The concept of open optical networking started with the introduction of the open line system (OLS). It first showed up in hyperscalers and then in […]

Upgrades for a Mission-Critical Network

High-speed internet demand continues to increase. To keep up with that demand, FastTrack is updating its locally owned and managed fiber network throughout Colorado and New Mexico. This crucial upgrade includes the 1FINITY Lambda and Transport series blades deployed in a Colorless, Directionless ROADM (CD ROADM) network with in-line amplification and up to 200G data […]

Innovating the Customer Experience with Alien Aware Networking™

Constantly innovating, LightRiver continues to impress. Most recently, we have been chosen as a semi-finalist in the 2021 Pipeline Innovation Awards! LightRiver submitted its Alien Aware Networking™ solution for the Customer Experience category. Our solution is unique in that the service allows network operators to embrace the benefits of alien waves without the shortcomings that […]

LightRiver Develops Proactive Network Health Services Solution

Introducing – Managed Waves!  As part of our ongoing commitment to our customers and to providing unparalleled value in the design, deployment, automation and support of mission -critical transport networks, we are proud to announce our new proactive network health services solution: Managed Waves . Managed Waves provides the automation, advanced data and analytics and […]

Telecom Ramblings Industry Viewpoint with LightRiver: Embracing the Alien

Ever heard of Area 51? Believe in aliens? If so, you’re in the right place. At LightRiver, Aleck Gilner, SVP Cloud and Strategic Sales, is bringing us all back down to Earth in this Telecom Ramblings Industry Viewpoint Article, to not only explain that aliens are among us, but that they’re bringing major benefits when […]

Alien Aware Networking Wins Big with Lightwave Innovation Reviews!

LightRiver’s award-winning path has been active these last few years, but to be recognized for a new solution is even more thrilling! This year, our Alien Aware Networking solution has been recognized as a high-score recipient for the 2021 Lightwave Innovation Reviews. If you haven’t heard, we’ve been ‘embracing the alien’ for some time now […]

Keeping Up With LightRiver! Metro Connect 2021 JSA TV Interview

While Metro Connect 2021 is looking and feeling a bit different this year,, we are excited to still have the opportunity to virtually attend. Metro Connect USA is the premier event in the digital infrastructure market, and this year’s event is focused on tackling the needs of CEOs representing the regional and national fibre, data […]

Embrace the Alien!

Are you “alien aware?” The industry coined reference ‘Alien Waves’ is becoming more and more real as Hyperscale, FAANG, Tier 1 DC/Exchange and Tier 1 wireless/wireline providers, and broader are leveraging Open Optical and Network Disagg to ‘plug-and-play’ network elements and components for best-of-breed solutioning. Here at LightRiver, we have coined the term Alien Aware […]

New netFLEX® Release!

It’s with great excitement that LightRiver announces a new netFLEX platform release. The latest release, netFLEX 4.3.0, expands upon its industry leading multi-vendor support for DWDM Open Line, NextGen DCI/Waves platforms, and Packet Edge transport, all of which support realtime inventory, programmable analytics, and control automation. Alien Waves, Spectrum-as-a-Service, 5G-Sliced-Transport, and Network-as-a-Service, all require a […]

Now Live! JSA’s November Virtual CEO Roundtable

It’s always a pleasure to participate in the JSA Virtual CEO Roundtables, and this time, Dean Campbell, Chief Technology Officer, LightRiver, joined the November roundtable discussion with the topic of “Best Practices for Partnerships in Next Gen Network Infrastructure.” The virtual event kept a focus on how vital relationship management is for business survival as […]

Take a Virtual Tour of Our Recently Expanded Network Factory!

If you don’t already know, LightRiver’s intelligent Factory Built Network® (iFBN) solution leverages our network engineering expertise, product reach, testing resources, logistics capabilities and multi vendor network automation platform to deliver higher value transport networks. Join us as we take you along a virtual tour of our new factory and factory network build process! First […]

Is Your Transport EMS or NMS Headed To the Graveyard (or Already There)?

Is your legacy optical network still producing revenue, but without the Element Management (EMS) and Network Management (NMS) visibility or predictability to further improve efficiency and customer satisfaction? Are you swiveling between vintage platforms? Has searching for a way to take all the complexity, costs and inefficiencies associated with maintaining many Transport EMS/NMS applications, and […]

LightRiver: ‘Personalization through Programmability’

Hot off the press! Our COO, Travis Ewert, and Senior Director of Product Design, Tim Nice, are featured in Pipeline Magazine’s Agility issue, in an article titled, “Personalizing through Programmability.” The article discusses how within the networking industry today, the confluence of open networking, software-defined control automation, and analytics-driven management has resulted in many definitions of […]

Fierce Telecom: LightRiver blazes an automation trail across optical networks

By: Mike Robuck In this recent article with Fierce Telecom, LightRiver Chief Operating Officer, Travis Ewert, talks about the importance of optical networking and how LightRiver has carved out a vital niche in the optical networking space by bringing multi-vendor software automation to the plumbing of networks. Ewert takes a deep dive and explains why […]

Global Tier 1 Interconnection and Data Center Provider Selects netFLEX Multi-Vendor Optical Domain Control

Network evolution and transformation are occurring at a greater pace than ever before. The influence of network disaggregation, open source, whitebox, cloud-centric architectures, and advanced SW orchestration and control has forever changed the approach network operators are taking to build and manage the network. At the same time, the business models are changing just as […]

Solving the Problem of Network Data Silos

Contributed by: Emily James, Mapcom From poor data visibility to technician task complexities, communicating information quickly to the right decision maker is a challenge for many network operators. Complexity increases as networks grow and evolve, and network inventory awareness – the foundation of network operations – is rarely up to date. Without the proper tools […]

LightRiver: ‘NFV Still Matters: Here’s Why’

In Pipeline Magazine’s latest Innovation Issue, LightRiver Chief Technology Officer, Dean Campbell, talks about the importance of NFV and its relevance in today’s technological world. In the article, Mr. Campbell addresses exactly why NFV is here to stick around, citing that according to a report by, “The global NFV market is expected to grow […]

Q&A with LightRiver Software COO Travis Ewert: Enhancing multi-vendor, multi-layer visibility and automation

By Kailem Anderson, VP of Portfolio and Engineering for Blue Planet Blue Planet’s Kailem Anderson talks to Travis Ewert, COO of LightRiver Software, about how the combination of Blue Planet and LightRiver netFLEX to enhance visibility and automation across multi-vendor, multi-layer networks. As service providers race to add flexibility and automation to their network services, […]

PTC – Getting Closer to the Network (Explained)

What’s the biggest impact on automation and digital transformation? If you guessed maintaining network inventory, then you’re correct! Recently featured in PTC’s Blog, our COO, Travis Ewert, gives a breakdown of what it takes to truly get closer to the network. For service providers, keeping an eye on what’s in the network can quickly become […]

A Collaborative Bridge to Network Automation

Teresa Monteiro – Director of Solutions, Software and Automation, Infinera Powering Agile Multi-Vendor Transport Networks Heading into this year, it was not surprising that network automation made the shortlist for key trends to watch in 2020 for many of the industry’s leading research and analyst firms. The promise of automation, after all, remains highly compelling […]

EXFO and LightRiver Collaborate to Improve Operator Real-Time Inventory Awareness

Claudio Mazzuca – Vice President, Strategic partnerships and alliances Travis Ewert – Chief Operating Officer, LightRiver Software With the convergence of 4G (and even legacy 3G) infrastructure and technologies with emerging 5G deployments, it’s more important than ever that operators have an accurate real-time, end-to-end view of their network and services topology. Without this critical […]

How To Master Multi-Vendor Optical Network Orchestration and Automation in Hybrid Legacy / Next Gen Networks

By Simer Singh – Fujitsu In the age of cloud native transition and SDN, communication service providers are facing many challenges, including how to maximize the existing legacy infrastructure investment. This challenge is most visible at the optical layer (Layers 0 and 1), as optical devices have long refresh cycles. To remain competitive, providers must […]

How the FCC is Keeping Americans Connected

Led by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the new Keep Americans Connected initiative in 2020 is vital as many transfer their work and schooling to home environments in response to the global pandemic. While remote worker environments and homeschooling increase, so does the need for broadband, bandwidth and VoIP services. To address these increases, Ajit […]

LightRiver Recognized as High-Score Recipient for Lightwave Innovation Reviews

LightRiver has again been recognized within the Lightwave Innovation Reviews as a High-Score Recipient! In 2020, our recognition comes for our intelligent Factory Built Network (iFBN)TM solution in the ‘Field Test Equipment’ category. LightRiver’s iFBN is the integration of two LightRiver products: Factory Built Network and netFLEX software. The iFBN process utilizes netFLEX Analytics to […]

ExteNet Applies LightRiver’s Expertise to Enhance Optical Network Capabilities

When looking to make significant changes in network investments and needing to accelerate the ability to offer customers highly flexible and scalable networking solutions for enterprises, wholesalers and 5G mobile connectivity, ExteNet Systems chose to partner with LightRiver. In leveraging LightRiver’s expertise, ExteNet is now able to accelerate its metro core network upgrade to 200G […]

#ICYMI LightRiver CTO Gives “Industry Viewpoint” for Telecom Ramblings

How SDN and NFV are Altering the Communication Service Provider Landscape In case you haven’t yet had the pleasure of reading it, we wanted to highlight our own Dean Campbell, LightRiver’s CTO, and his recently published Industry Viewpoint article with Telecom Ramblings. The piece describes how SDN and NFV are transforming the communication service provider […]

Reflecting on Another Successful PTC’20

PTC…definitely one of those industry leading events that sneak up on you just as fast as it ends; and this year was no different. And what a great and productive time we had! This year’s event, PTC’20, held January 19-22, is the annual conference that never disappoints due to our important back-to-back meetings with customers, […]

A Look Back on 2019

Wow, what a year! It’s hard to fathom how quickly it has gone by; but time flies when you’re having fun! 2019 held many monumental moments for LightRiver and we’re taking the time to reflect, as well as fill you in on what’s to come in 2020. The year of 2019 started off on an […]

A Big Thank You to Our Customers, Partners and Media for Joining Our Grand Opening Customer Summit and Open House!

Last week marked the celebration of our Grand Opening at Bell Works in Holmdel, NJ. Our event took place over the course of two days, beginning on October 16, and consisted of LightRiver’s Customer Summit and Advanced User Training on netFLEX®, Open House Celebration and official Bell Works Tour. During those two days, LightRiver team […]

LightRiver Hosts Grand Opening at New Bell Works Building

Join Us in the Celebration – LightRiver Customer Summit and Advanced User Training Event We’re ecstatic to announce our grand opening of the LightRiver offices at the iconic Bell Works building, taking place October 16-17 in Holmdel, NJ! LightRiver’s Customer Summit and Advanced User Training on netFLEX will take place across both days and consists […]

Now Available On Demand: SDN & Optical Networks Lightwave Webcast!

Did you miss our Lightwave webcast last week? Not to worry! You’re still able to watch the webcast with this On Demand version, available now! The webcast took place on September 11, 2019 and welcomed our COO, Travis Ewert to speak alongside Stephen Hardy, Editorial Director and Associate Publisher for Lightwave. In the webcast, Travis […]

LightRiver: ‘Creating Speed and Agility in New Network Deployments with a Factory Built Network’

Pipeline Magazine Feature by LightRiver VP of Professional Services Discusses How to Deliver Speed While Preserving the Highest in Network Fidelity Agility is of the utmost importance for operators seeking a competitive edge. The most successful operators must rapidly vet and deploy new technology so that they can compete by offering greater value in the […]

Simplify, Standardize, Personalize…Your July netFLEX Webinar!

In our newest netFLEX®webinar, our COO, Travis Ewert and Tim Masse, our Senior Director of Sales Engineering, provide additional updates as well as a demo to our cutting edge netFLEX automation platform. If you aren’t already familiar, netFLEX is the only SDN optical domain control solution that offers: SupplierFLEXibility… dozens of suppliers Network-elementFLEXibility…hundreds of network […]

LightRiver: ‘Closer to the Network, Closer to the Customer’

Enterprise Networking Magazine Feature by LightRiver COO Discusses the Bridge Between the Network and Customer Operators are consistently striving to improve network flexibility, stability and performance while reducing operational costs and service delays. However, there are many disparate and complex network technologies that take place across multiple generations offered by diverse equipment vendors. This begs […]

LightRiver Reflects on Top Three Industry Award Wins

As the beginning of the third quarter (and halfway mark of 2019!) begins, LightRiver is reflecting on our latest recognitions and accolades. The awards received, events attended and announcements made have made this a most exciting time for our team.. Today, we reflect on our netFLEX® ‘trifecta’ of award wins including, PTC’s Best Intelligence Innovation […]

Heating Up! LightRiver Begins Summer Events Circuit

The busy industry events season continues to sizzle as the official start of summer is on the horizon. After a successful Telecom Exchange (NYC), it’s now time to look forward to NANOG 76, UTC Telecom & Technology and International Telecoms Week (ITW) 2019 (in its new Atlanta location for 2019!). LightRiver will go from Washington, […]

Telecom Exchange NYC 2019: A Recap

Each year, LightRiver is energized to participate in one of the industry’s leading telecom conferences each year, Telecom Exchange (NYC). . As Bronze Sponsor, our President and CEO, Glenn Johansen; and Mike Jonas, our President of Global Customer Operations attended the C-level networking event in Hoboken, New Jersey, May 14-15. The event was full of […]

LightRiver Secures Pipeline Innovation Award as Runner-Up for ‘Innovations in Assurance’

Continuing our winning streak this year, LightRiver is proud to announce that we’ve been recognized as runner-up in the Pipeline Innovation Awards for 2019! As with our past award wins, it was our prided netFLEX® Platform that took home the runner-up award for its Optical Assurance Automation solution in the ‘Innovations in Assurance’ category. To […]

Ready for Your Next Jam Session? Watch Our Latest netFLEX Demo-Jam Series Video!

Did you rock out to LightRiver’s first Demo-Jam series video of the netFLEX® Circuit Analysis Tool®? If not, check it out here, and then take a look at the latest video in our series; LightRiver netFLEX® Circle of Life Demo-Jam! Did you know that most SDN control automations only address a subset of the lifecycle? […]

LightRiver is Bronze Sponsor for Telecom Exchange NYC

Spring has certainly sprung and it’s hard to believe that it’s already May. This month we have our eyes set on one of our favorite industry events, Telecom Exchange (TEX). TEX NYC will be held in Hoboken, New Jersey May 14-15 and is a C-level networking community, that provides unparalleled collaboration, education, and one-on-one engagement […]

LightRiver Makes CRN’s 2019 Tech Elite Solution Providers List

The second quarter of 2019 is off to an exciting start as LightRiver was recently named one of the 2019 Tech Elite Solution Providers by CRN®. The annual list honors a select group of North American solution providers that have earned the highest number of advanced technical certifications from leading technology suppliers, scaled to their […]

InterGlobix: LightRiver COO Discusses the Bridge to Open Networking

While attending NANOG75 in San Francisco last month, we were met with the release of InterGlobix Magazine’s debut issue and LightRiver’s article titled, “The Bridge to Open Networking,” featuring netFLEX®. Our COO, Travis Ewert, who brings to us a 20-plus year history as a transformational champion of network programmability and control, shares within the article […]

Rock Out to the New netFLEX® Demo-Jam Series

Love network automation? Love music? Then you will love LightRiver’s netFLEX® Circuit Analysis Tool Demo-Jam Every problem has a solution and every solution has an outcome, however in most cases the time it takes to get from the problem to solution and outcome is extensively time consuming. That’s where LightRiver’s netFLEX® Circuit Analysis Tool (CAT)TM […]

LightRiver’s COO Travis Ewert’s “Industry Spotlight” with Telecom Ramblings

Travis Ewert, our amazing COO here at LightRiver, recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Rob Powell of Telecom Ramblings to discuss network automation, LightRiver’s netFLEX® platform, expansion plans and more. With over 20 years of history as a transformational champion of network programmability and control, Travistalks the biggest differences and opportunities that is […]

LightRiver Wins Again!

2019 has started off with a bang here at LightRiver and we’re honored to announce that we have been recognized as an award recipient for netFLEX® and its Optical Waves Intent Based Networking (IBN) solution. Coming right on the heels of our PTC’19 Best Intelligence Innovation award win, the Lightwave Innovation Review program distinguishes top […]

LightRiver at NANOG 75

Another month, another event! At LightRiver, our team is always on the move and this week brought us to NANOG 75 in San Francisco. The LightRiver team arrived ready to talk to everyone’s network needs. As the industry’s leading optical networking expert, we have developed netFLEX® Software to suit the needs of cloud network operators […]

PTC’19 Recap

PTC’19 comes just as quickly as it goes (as does Metro Connect, which we have just returned from as well!). PTC is an industry leading event that the LightRiver team looks forward to year-to-year. This year’s event brought productive networking, an exciting award win and our annual catch up with Jaymie Scotto & Associates for […]

LightRiver Wins PTC’19 Best Intelligence Innovation Award!

It is with great excitement that we share the news of LightRiver winning the Best Network Intelligence Innovation award at PTC’19 for our netFLEX® and Waves Intent Based Networking (IBN)! The prestigious industry award recognizes the most outstanding innovation in network intelligence, e.g., SD-WAN, “smart data” performance analysis and fault detection, or bandwidth autoscaling driven […]

Winter Events Outlook

It’s that time of year again; the new year has begun, and now we look ahead to some of the key industry events where LightRiver will be this winter. To start, the LightRiver team is packing up and heading out to Honolulu, HI for PTC’19, January 20-23. PTC’s annual conference is the Pacific Rim’s premier […]

Smart City Growth

Cities don’t get smaller; they get bigger, and with bigger cities comes the need for bigger and better technologies. With the technology is ingrained in our lives, from the way we read the news to how we drive our vehicles, what does this all mean for our city infrastructures moving forward? Let’s take a look. […]

LightRiver Excited to be Part of Ciena’s Groundbreaking Partner Program

Late last week, our partner Ciena announced its brand new channel partners program, Ciena Partner Network (CPN). The program is a move from the traditional and geared towards, “customization, personalization, and strategic business planning to empower partners globally.” With technology constantly changing, Ciena found the need to enhance its program in order to keep pace […]

LightRiver Software Welcomes Our New COO

It is with great excitement that LightRiver Software names our COO, appointed network automation industry leader, Travis Ewert. Travis will join our executive team and will focus on strategically scaling our software business while further enhancing LightRiver’s solution set and customer experience. Travis brings to us a 20-plus year history as a transformational champion of […]

netFLEX® – A Look Back

While it’s been an overall busy year for LightRiver, it’s been especially busy for our netFLEX® software solution with a new network upgrade and multiple enhancements. Read on to learn about the solution and the various platforms. What is netFLEX®? netFLEX® is an “out of the box” software enables carrier-grade, transport network operators of all […]

Trick or Treat: The 2019 Digital Transformation Predictions Are Here!

Have no fear this October; the predictions of digital transformation have been released! Read on to learn about three of the digital transformations expected to have the greatest impacts in 2019. 5G In a previous blog, we discussed the future of 5G. This future and technology still holds to be one of the transformations that […]

Fall Events Outlook

As summer comes to an official close and the leaves begin to turn, our team is looking forward to the multiple events that are on our upcoming Fall 2018 schedule. To finish out the month of September, we will be attending the UTC 4 Region Conference, September 20-21 in Chicago, IL. Mike Scott, LightRiver’s Regional […]

The Future of 5G

We live in a world where technology is continuously changing. One could buy the latest and greatest tech product and before you know it, a new, more enhanced version has replaced it. But with these new devices, arises a need for greater connectivity. Insert 5G, the holy grail of next generation mobile internet connectivity. There […]

#TBT – Top 10 SDN Solution Providers of 2018

We’re celebrating throwback Thursday today by highlighting our recent recognition as a Top 10 SDN Solution Provider of 2018 by Enterprise Networking Magazine. The annual list is compiled of the 10 companies that are at the forefront of tackling customer challenges. According to Grand View Research, Inc., the global SDN market is estimated to reach […]

LightRiver Recognized as 2018 Best Next-Gen Optical Communication Technology Provider by TMT News 2018 Telecom Awards Winner!

LightRiver is ecstatic to be the recipient of the TMT News award for Best Next-Gen Optical Communication Technology Provider – USA & Most Sophisticated Telecom Network Deployment Product! LightRiver was also a TMT News Award recipient in 2017, when we were named Best Next-Gen Optical Communication Technology Provider. Now entering its third consecutive year, TMT’s […]

TEX NYC 2018: A netFLEX® Upgrade Update

Summer couldn’t have a better kick off each year, than when it’s accompanied by Telecom Exchange NYC. The 2018 event was held in Hoboken, NJ on June 20, bringing the industry’s top thought leaders together. Mike Jonas, President of Global Customer Operations, had the pleasure to sit down with JSA TV’s Dean Perrine to discuss […]

The Impacts of Open Optical Systems – Now & In the Future

In the 2018 IHS Markit Optical Network Strategies Service Provider survey, it was found that, “of service providers using optical transmission and switching equipment, 47 percent of respondents indicated interest in the use of disaggregated optical equipment in their networks, up from 33 percent in 2016.” In Pipeline’s latest issue on Innovation, our own CTO […]

New netFLEX® Software Upgrade Boosts DWDM & Ethernet Visibility

We’ve just announced our expanded RedHat Linux Server features set, DWDM and DCI capabilities and Carrier Ethernet enhanced visibility for netFLEX®! The latest netFLEX® software release 3.8.0 leverages the most widely deployed server OS to: Monitor alarms Automatically discover, troubleshoot, analyze and provision L0/L1 services across multivendor optical networks, with L2 fault management extensions The […]

LightRiver Appoints New Vice President of Cloud Sales

It is with great excitement that we welcome George Daum to the LightRiver team as the Vice President of Cloud Sales! George will be joining the Concord office in California and will be a vital part in growing business with large Internet content providers, data centers and cloud companies. George comes to LightRiver as an […]

The Impact Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Have on Utilities

What do you think when you hear the words ‘artificial intelligence?’ Robots? Do images of a world that looks less human flash across your mind? Before you panic, know this. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is much more than the idea of pending doom. Defined as“intelligence displayed by machines, in contrast with the natural intelligence displayed by […]

That’s a Wrap! Another Successful ITW and UTC Telecom & Technology Conference are in the Books!

Last week, members of the LightRiver team attended two of our favorite key industry events; International Telecoms Week (ITW) and the UTC Telecom & Technology conference. To kick it all off, we traveled to Chicago for ITW, which included a jam packed few days of meetings, presentations, networking and a new JSA TV interview with […]

Meet LightRiver at These Upcoming Events!

Every year, we look forward to two key industry events that take place in May. First up, we will be attending one of the biggest and busiest events of the year in telecom – International Telecoms Week (ITW), May 6-9 in Chicago! We’re looking forward to talking to our carrier community and partners about all […]

What’s the Key to NFV?

Virtualization has made it possible to get rid of “boxes.” What do we mean when we say “boxes?” They are the physical hardware needed to produce a type of function. These could include routers, firewalls, servers and more. But as they say; out with the old and in with the new! New technologies have made […]

Cheers to 20 Years!

We are celebrating here at LightRiver! This month marks 20 years since LightRiver was founded. We started on this journey in 1998, offering a multi-vendor optical lab and network factory designed specifically for packet optical networks for Tier 1 and Tier 2 carriers, global cloud and data center players and Investor Owned Utilities. In 2017, […]

Featured Partner: Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. (SEL)

For this week’s blog, we would like to highlight one of our esteemed partners, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL). Who is SEL? SEL invents, designs, and builds digital products and systems that protect power grids around the world. In May of 2017, we announced our partnership with SEL to together offer communication networking technology, solutions, and […]

The Proof Behind These Tech Trends’ Pudding? Interconnection.

Out of all of the hot topics swirling around today’s tech and telecom universe, including the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR), one thing remains the same – most of these phrases were actually introduced years ago. And their common link? Interconnection. To start, interconnection is defined as the data […]

Exciting Updates for 2018 and Beyond – Watch Our Latest Video Interview

Ah Hawaii – the sun, the sand … and the technology! The LightRiver team headed to Honolulu for PTC’18, January 21-24, and had the pleasure of chatting with JSA TV for a brief interview. In the interview, our own Mike Jonas, LightRiver’s President of Global Customer Operations, discusses the latest Factory Built Network® advancements, LightRiver’s […]

Riding the Adaptive Networks Wave into 2018!

A big theme of 2017 may have been evolution, but according to eWeek, the theme of 2018 is implementation. High-bandwidth applications have become an engrained part of our day-to-day lives. Just last year, we witnessed augmented reality, increased deployment of software-defined networking (SDN) and new 400G technologies. As the usage of these applications and technologies […]

The Implications Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Have on Utilities

What do you think when you hear the words ‘artificial intelligence?’ Robots? Do images of a world that looks less human flash across your mind? Turns out Artificial Intelligence (AI) is much more than the idea of pending doom. Artificial Intelligence is defined as, “intelligence displayed by machines, in contrast with the natural intelligence displayed […]

Factory Built Network® – A Look Back

To celebrate the New Year, and our achievements past and present, we wanted to take a look back at key Factory Built Network® integrations we performed in 2017. By now, you know about our Factory Built Network (FBN) solution, and how it represents the culmination of our team’s knowledge, skills and experience. It’s a proprietary […]

The Results Are In! Here’s Network World’s Networking ‘Naughty and Nice’ List!

As 2017 comes to a close and 2018 is on the horizon, Network World has released the technologies in the networking space that have either taken a leap forward or haven’t yet made the jump.   The Naughty List Things like viral applications, security breaches and closed architectures are among those that have made the […]

Optical Transport Network Growth to Rise Steeply by 2022

What’s the forecast of the future looking like for the optical transport network equipment market? Sunny with an expected CAGR of +19.3% by 2022! In this week’s blog, we’re taking a look at how the market is expected to grow and the factors contributing to the shift in expansion. First and foremost, what is OTN? […]

LightRiver Selects New Vice President of Factory and Field Operations

We are excited to officially welcome to the LightRiver team, Russ Schomber! As our new Vice President of Factory and Field Operations, Russ will join us in our Sarasota, FL office, and will be an instrumental member of our operations team, overseeing the integration of our next generation, multi-vendor, Factory Built Networks® . Russ brings […]

The Role of Big Data in Utilities Companies

Big data has been a big topic for quite some time now, but what effects does it have on the utilities industry? Many. According to Gartner, big data is defined as “high-volume, high-velocity and/or high-variety information assets that demand cost-effective, innovative forms of information processing that enable enhanced insight, decision making, and process automation.” Utilities […]

20/20 Vision – Where the Network Could Be in Three Years

Today, let’s take a look at an array of predictions for what will affect the network and consequently where the top three trends could position the network by the year 2020. #1: SDN Remains Relevant The days where network components such as routers and switches, are manually configured by hand are gone. Software-defined networking (SDN) […]

Preparing Engineers for Future Network Needs

Network engineers are at the center of the infrastructure, and as such, they need to continuously expand their skills to best meet future network needs. With technology evolving by the second and networks becoming increasingly complex, it’s quite a necessity for today’s engineers to manually manage IT workflows, troubleshoot, document and handle cybersecurity breaches if […]

A Look at Changing Network Needs in 2017 and Predictions for 2018

While the rate at which technology changes becomes increasingly faster, so does the changing of network needs. Throughout 2017, we’ve seen that speed, security and availability continue to keep their hold on driving network technology. However, what emerging technologies and processes will push networks into 2018? As we look into 2018, one technology that will […]

How the Utility Industry Should Prepare for IoT Expansion

It’s no secret that the Internet of Things (IoT) in its entirety is thriving. According to the GSMA, IoT has an expected revenue that’s estimated to reach $1.8 trillion by 2026. Furthermore, this colossal amount of revenue reaches across a variety of industries and businesses including: $441 billion – Connected homes $376 billion – Consumer […]

The Fuel to The Fiber Expansion Fire

Historically, it has been proven that the wireline industry hasn’t provided enough enticement for fiber and broadband deployment. That is, until now. According to Deloitte, due to the lack of incentives, there’s a huge need for significant investment. So, what were the wireline telecommunications companies investing in if it wasn’t fiber deployment? Think satellite TV, […]

Sales of Disaggregated WDM Systems for Data Center Interconnect Skyrocket

Dell’Oro Group has just announced that the sales of disaggregated WDM systems for Data Center Interconnect (DCI) solutions are officially booming! How much? Sales are up a whopping 225% year-over-year according to their “2Q17 Transport Quarterly Report.” Jimmy Yu, Vice President at Dell’Oro Group stated, “Disaggregation isn’t a new concept, but the strong adoption is. […]

How Interconnection Bandwidth is Shaping the Digital World

Equinix has reported that interconnection bandwidth is expected to sky rocket its growth at a 45% CAGR to reach 5,000Tbps by 2020, dwarfing global IP traffic in both growth (24%) and volume (855Tbps), according to their inaugural Global Interconnection Index. The index analyzes the adoption profile of thousands of carrier-neutral colocation data center providers and […]

ICYMI: SDN Myths and Reality

By Dean Campbell, LightRiver CTO Software-defined networking (SDN) – a phrase that has been batted around industry circles for much of the middle of this decade – is often referred to as “the latest trend” or a “hot topic” that is transforming the industry. Well, much of that is true. However, we are past the […]

Deloitte Calls for $150 Fiber Infrastructure Investment

Earlier this week Deloitte made the call for $130 to $150 billion fiber infrastructure investment for the U.S. to reach full digital potential. What does that mean? The investment hopes to squash the digital divide and plan the country for the oncoming of 5G. The report comes on the grounds of 5G and the need […]

LightRiver Networks, Shares Latest News at Telecom Exchange NYC

Every year, we look forward to late June when we head to New York for one of the best telecom networking events in the industry – Telecom Exchange. This year’s event did not disappoint, with a neutral networking exhibit floor, one-on-one meetings, and informative (packed!) CEO roundtables featuring industry experts. Mike Jonas, LightRiver President Global […]

Fierce Telecom Announces Top 25+ U.S. Business Fiber Providers

Last week Fierce Telecom (FT) released its annual report listing the top business fiber providers in the U.S. Of course, as more and more enterprises demand connectivity, the need for this resource is quickly growing, and will continue to do so. As FT’s editor Sean Buckley explains, a number of service providers continue to build […]

LightRiver Software Makes Key Acquisition to Drive Multi-Vendor Transport Network Management

Exciting things are happening here at LightRiver as we lead the way in the Factory Built Network® design and commissioning of multi-vendor packet optical networks. This week our sister company, LightRiver Software, Inc., announced that it has acquired Unique Computer Services, Inc., a pioneer and industry leader in the development and support of multi- vendor, transport […]

Cisco forecasts annual IP traffic to hit 3.3Zb by 2021 (Capacity Media)

Back in 2011, Cisco predicted that by 2015, the internet will know what a “zettabyte” is. (For those who do not know – A zettabyte is a measure of storage capacity and is 2 to the 70th power bytes. It can also be expressed as 1021 or 1 sextillion bytes. One zettabyte nearly equals a […]

Who You Gonna Call When You Need a Higher-Speed All Ethernet Backbone? LightRiver and Ciena!

When Global Capacity, the leading connectivity as a service company, realized they needed one more piece to confidently complete the puzzle of connecting the cloud, they chose LightRiver and Ciena without hesitation. Global Capacity had already built their award-winning One Marketplace™ that connects business locations to high-value destinations across a highly-interconnected network aggregation platform. The […]

Another Successful ITW Is in the Books!

Last week, members of the LightRiver team traveled to Chicago for one of the biggest and busiest events of the year – International Telecoms Week (ITW). The four days were packed with meetings, presentations (kudos to our CTO Dean Campbell for enriching minds during our lunch event with Ciena and Global Capacity!), networking events, a […]

NV Energy Selects LightRiver Technologies to Perform Critical Network Build

Here at LightRiver Technologies, Inc., we pride ourselves on our Factory Built Network® (FBN) design and commissioning. It has given us the opportunity to work with a wide variety of very exciting companies. This past December, we had the opportunity to work on one such project with NV Energy. Headquartered in Las Vegas, NV Energy […]

Proud to Join the Telecom Infra Project!

As a leader in Factory Built Network® design and commissioning, LightRiver Technologies is excited to join a project that brings together our industry’s leading innovators – Telecom Infra Project (TIP). TIP is an engineering-focused initiative, co-founded by Facebook and operators such as Deutsche Telekom, to reimagine the traditional approach to building and deploying telecom network […]

Utility Companies and the Smart City Revolution

As our world becomes more and more connected at an increasingly rapid rate, cities are considering and implementing technology to increase efficiencies, store and transmit data and improve everything from infrastructure management to government transparency. Recently, the engineering, consulting and construction company Black & Veatch released its Smart City/Smart Utility Report for 2017. It shows […]

Drumroll Please…Our CTO Awarded Best in Transport Solutions, Most Innovative in Telecom Networking!

Congratulations to our very own Dean L. Campbell, CTO of LightRiver Technologies, who has been awarded Best CTO in Transport Solutions 2016 & Most Innovative CTO by Technology Media Telecom (TMT) News! The TMT 2016 Executive Awards celebrates the services that are provided by individuals who work behind the scenes within the varied sectors of […]

Welcome to the LightRiver Blog!

You are reading what will be the first of many entries to our new blog section. We are excited to unveil this new source of information about both our company and our industry. We plan to use this as an educational tool – one that discusses and examines the many trends in the world of […]

LightRiver’s Factory Built Network® Solution Provides East Kentucky Power Cooperative (EKPC) with New Core Network

LightRiver has been enlisted! As a leader in Factory Built Network® design and commissioning, East Kentucky Power Cooperative (EKPC), has chosen LightRiver to provide the design and engineering services to implement a new core network. Owned by 16 electrical distributions cooperatives, EKPC serves over 530,000 homes and businesses in 87 Kentucky counties. Looking to significantly […]

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