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In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, optical transport networks are witnessing a surge in bandwidth, spectral efficiency and purpose-built disaggregated devices. As network builders push the boundaries of innovation and seek diverse supply options, they face the challenge of integrating disparate functions, such as traditional transponding, amplification, flexible ROADM and pluggable coherent optics. This disaggregation has also fueled the desire of communication service providers (CSPs) to develop automation tools that streamline the operation and maintenance of their networks.

However, the current state of automation tools poses a significant obstacle to seamless network innovation. These tools are often vendor-specific and tightly linked to individual control structures, requiring constant updates whenever a vendor changes their systems or when a CSP decides to onboard a new vendor. This not only incurs unnecessary delays but also hampers the progress of network innovation.

To address these challenges and expedite the automation and innovation processes, the solution lies in adopting a versatile and agile multi-vendor middleware. By bridging the gap between the tool development process and the physical network elements, this middleware can revolutionize the way networks are managed and optimized.

In our latest whitepaper, “The Importance of Multi-Vendor Middleware to Efficient and Accelerated Network Automation and Innovation,” we delve into the advantages of leveraging netFLEX® as the facilitator for transforming optical transport networks. This innovative middleware serves as a neutral and adaptable layer that sits between the automation tools and the diverse range of network elements, regardless of vendor or manufacturer.

To explore the full potential of multi-vendor middleware and how it can revolutionize the world of optical transport networks, download our whitepaper now.

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