LightRiver offers a full set of network management tools which optimize efficiencies while enabling consistently, high quality of service, which is critical in mission-critical networks.

The aggregated software at LightRiver offers comprehensive operational capabilities throughout the lifecycle of your network, and service delivery from network planning and turn-up, to service provisioning and assurance.

The promise of SDN and NFV is that you can grow your services while simultaneously simplifying operations. Create new, differentiated and operationally efficient optical and Carrier Ethernet services while reducing time-to-market. From intelligent mobile backhaul and broadband access to high-speed optical backbones, SDN technology enables you to transform access, metro and long-haul networks into demand-responsive infrastructures that are ready for competitive next-generation services.

NMS Definition

A network management system (NMS) is a set of hardware and/or software tools that allow a network professional to supervise the individual components of a network within a larger network management framework on defined network equipment and systems.

Network management systems assist with:

  • Network device discovery – identifying what devices are present on a network.
  • Network device monitoring – monitoring at the device level to determine the health of network components and the extent to which their performance matches capacity plans and intra-enterprise service-level agreements (SLAs).
  • Network performance analysis – tracking performance indicators such as bandwidth utilization, packet loss, latency, availability and uptime of routers, switches and other Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) -enabled devices.
  • Intelligent notifications – configurable alerts that will respond to specific network scenarios by paging, emailing, calling or texting a network administrator.

Network management and planning tools provide transparent virtualization across products and domains for optimized planning, rapid service turn-up, and comprehensive service assurance, and are vital for today’s high quality networks.

Intelligent embedded software enables optimized network automation, resiliency, utilization, performance monitoring and reporting.

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SDN Definition

Software defined networking (SDN) is an approach to using open protocols, such as OpenFlow, to apply globally aware software control at the edges of the network to access network switches and routers that typically would use closed and proprietary firmware.

Technology is now entering the marketplace that has the potential to drive network convergence and real change for optical network operators of every type, for multi-vendor, multi-technology networks. Software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) are two key examples that could see the move away from hardware centric appliances to virtualized networks and functions that deliver flexibility, efficiency and speed.

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) will offer highly programmable and vendor-neutral network architectures that enable differentiated and rapid services introduction, on demand bandwidth and unheard of customization.

NFV Definition

Network functions virtualization (NFV) is an initiative to virtualize the network services that are now being carried out by proprietary, dedicated hardware. If successful, NFV will decrease the amount of proprietary hardware that’s needed to launch and operate network services

NFV will enable managed services – with a new pay-as-you-earn business model that minimizes risk and maximizes profitability and versatility.

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