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Ever heard of Area 51? Believe in aliens? If so, you’re in the right place. At LightRiver, Aleck Gilner, SVP Cloud and Strategic Sales, is bringing us all back down to Earth in this Telecom Ramblings Industry Viewpoint Article, to not only explain that aliens are among us, but that they’re bringing major benefits when it comes to open and disaggregated optical networks.

In this latest article, find out what alien wavelengths are, why they matter, how alien wave networks address nextgen concerns, and more!

The industry coined reference (e.g., ‘Alien Waves’) is becoming increasingly real as Hyperscale, FAANG, Tier 1 DC/Exchange and Tier 1 wireless/wireline providers, are leveraging Open Optical and Network Disaggregation to ‘plug-and-play’ multi-vendor network elements and components for best-of-breed solutioning. The accelerated pace of new technology introduction, including the availability of 400G ZR/ZR+ optics have created a new life-cycle paradigm making optical disaggregation the future norm.

As this solution gains traction, we have evolved with it to develop the term Alien Aware Networking to focus directly on this area as we support the engineering, deployment, management and automation of these Open Optical networks.

This maturation of where we believe the industry is headed embraces alien wavelengths, allowing them to be readily monitored, analyzed, and managed end-to-end, no matter what suppliers or technologies are leveraged. This can exist within a single network operator, or across multiple interconnected operator networks to manage, ultimately, the underlying wavelength services.

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