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If you don’t already know, LightRiver’s intelligent Factory Built Network® (iFBN) solution leverages our network engineering expertise, product reach, testing resources, logistics capabilities and multi vendor network automation platform to deliver higher value transport networks. Join us as we take you along a virtual tour of our new factory and factory network build process!

First stop? The interop lab with Aaron Frankel, Optical Transport Network Engineer. He details what the Interop Lab is all about, including the details of testing multi-vendor, next-gen equipment to ensure it’s best of breed before it’s ever deployed.

Next, head to the assembly room and hear from Javier Moreno, Manager, Network Factory Engineering, as he walks you through what the assembly room is, what it does and the key advantages of having an assembly room in the network build process.

From there, it’s time to view the integration room with Grant Caraway, Optical Project Engineer. The room brings the racks from the assembly room to become attached in the integration room. Fully assembled racks are attached to overhead supports and then individual shelves are powered and engineers check for DOA cards. The process of addressing the DOAs are completed in the integration room vs. in the field. Watch the video to find out exactly how many long-haul routes can fit into the integration space!

Lastly, Brain Schamber, Director, Factory & Field Operations, details exactly what was involved in the overall expansion of the space and what additions were able to made.

Watch the entire video below and learn more about the expansion, training, warehouse features, and more!

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