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In our newest netFLEX®webinar, our COO, Travis Ewert and Tim Masse, our Senior Director of Sales Engineering, provide additional updates as well as a demo to our cutting edge netFLEX automation platform. If you aren’t already familiar, netFLEX is the only SDN optical domain control solution that offers:

  • SupplierFLEXibility… dozens of suppliers
  • Network-elementFLEXibility…hundreds of network elements & solutions supported
  • TechnologyFLEXibility… WDM, DCI, ADM, DCS, OTN, CE, Packet Optical, whitebox/open source
  • GenerationFLEXibility…decades of supported solutions
  • DomainFLEXibility…all domains (supplier, solution, tech….) supported for D-A-C capabilities
  • DXFLEXibility…Digital Experience –full Analytics, Inventory, & Control UI/UX and API extensibility

And not to mention, the netFLEX platform has recently won a ‘trifecta’ of awards including, PTC’s 2019 Best Intelligence Innovation Award, 2019 Lightwave Innovation Reviews for best SDN/NFV Technology and Pipeline’s 2019 Innovation Review.

Before jumping into the demo, take a look at the most recent platform updates, which include:

  • Architecture – Linux, VM/Cloud, API/Service-Enabled
  • Multi-Vendor/Technology Expansions – 100+ NEs in the last 12-18 months
  • New pricing – subscription / opex – capitalized, multi-year
  • End-to-end management (UI) and/or SDN/Abstracted (API/Services)

Eager to learn more? Sit back, relax and tune in to hear Travis and Tim, who’s not only part of LightRiver’s netFLEX team, but was a customer before joining LightRiver. He will provide a demo on the system itself.

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