Scale at the Speed of Business

Legacy systems, too many manual processes, and constrained environments slowing you down?

Experience seamless network integration with intelligent Factory Built Network®

Automate Network Assurance with an intelligent Factory Built Network® (iFBN)

LightRiver can help deliver a faster, more scalable, and cost-efficient network so you can increase your services revenue all while increasing customer loyalty.

  • Get up to speed fast on why you need to upgrade and optimize your network and the benefits it can bring to your business.
  • Demonstrate how you can leverage real-time inventory and automate troubleshooting to increase customer satisfaction by driving operational efficiency into your network.

Accelerate your journey to more profitable business services with LightRiver intelligent Factory Built Networks (iFBN).

Our iFBN solutions can help you:

  • Implement turnkey and Service Ready Networks from Layer 0 to Layer 3
  • Reduce the amount of onsite time by 60%
  • Provide up to 50% faster deployments
  • Scale services seamlessly to keep pace with fast-growing customer needs
  • Achieve carrier-class reliability for QoS assurance and winning customer SLAs

Take Control of Your Network with netFLEX

Network Automation Platform that addresses the complexity of disparate transport networks, suppliers, and technologies.

Comprehensive network automation

The only platform that enables uniform management of transport networks for cost avoidance, operational scale, and new revenue enablement.

  • Industry leading multi-vendor, multigenerational, & multi-technology support
  • Dynamic network inventory discovery – the source of truth for all automation
  • Realtime Data & Analytics – collect it all, analyze it all, for actionable data
  • Human touch removed – through control automation of networks & services
  • Enabler of Network-on-Demand and Customer Self Serve digital experiences

Looking for more?

Next-generation wireless needs the wireline network to deliver on its big promise. To be ready to deploy 5G services, network operators must learn, develop, and adopt new competencies.

In Ciena’s white paper, 5 Key Wireline Network Improvements Needed for 5G, you’ll get a detailed view of the areas to focus on:

  • Fronthaul: The case for replacing copper and CPRI
  • Scalability: How fiber solves the massive traffic increase
  • Densification: Reduce size of the cells and move them closer to the end-users to enable bandwidth gains
  • Virtualization: Create a more centralized environment
  • Network slicing: Accommodate different uses with hard, soft, and flex slicing

Let LightRiver help you stay ahead.

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    As a valued Ciena Partner, LightRiver can help you create a programmable infrastructure which is a highly instrumented optical infrastructure that scales without the need to add more hardware or costs. Regional service providers must evolve to deliver the digital experience users demand.

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