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As 2017 comes to a close and 2018 is on the horizon, Network World has released the technologies in the networking space that have either taken a leap forward or haven’t yet made the jump.


The Naughty List

Things like viral applications, security breaches and closed architectures are among those that have made the naughty list. Why? For starters, networks need to be built to support the user experience today, but also those coming down the pipeline. There seemingly always seems to be a lingering application (think Pokémon Go) that requires tons of bandwidth. Network World stated that networks have failed to prepare for the future and bandwidth continues to get eaten up.

Security. Need we say more? 2017 brought in a slew of hacks and breaches. Major corporations were at the forefront of most of these security gaps. While data at rest needs to be protected, it’s the data that is in transit that also needs protection. Currently, many networks only serve to guard the data that is on servers or in the cloud.

Lastly, we’re still tapping our fingers and patiently awaiting truly open networks. While there was a rise of software-driven networks, there is still some work to be done. Open network architecture will provide a faster way for networks to adapt and to do so promptly.

The Nice List

All roads are leading to 5G! Ericsson has predicted that there will be 1 billion 5G subscriptions by the year 2023, with Canada and the United States leading the way. Why the jump? End-users will receive capabilities that haven’t yet been possible.

‘Tis the season of giving! Network World has noted that encryption will finally give the protection that data in transit deserves and needs. End-to-end security will be improved with the help of encryption at the optical layer during transport.

Rounding out the nice list includes, open architectures that leverage APIs, energy efficient networking technology and network automation. According to Network World, networks will move towards software-defined networking (SDN) that leverage APIs. Next, operating costs will be addressed with the help of new cooling and energy efficient technologies. Last but not least, let us finally welcome network automation. This will provide end-users with networks that can adapt faster and respond to their requests.

Were you surprised by any of the items that made the naughty or nice list? We would love to know! Leave a comment on our Twitter or LinkedIn telling us what you’re most shocked about and why.


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