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Scotty Benda, Chief Product Officer at LightRiver, has spent over two decades working in the telecommunications industry. In his recent member profile on the Pacific Telecommunications Council’s website, Scotty discusses how telecommunications technologies can help improve our world by connecting people and facilitating communication. He also highlights the importance of network-related developments for the future of this field, noting that new apps or other innovations could be a significant game-changer in the next few years.

For Scotty, PTC plays a key role in helping to connect and collaborate with colleagues across the telecommunication industry. By holding its annual conference each year, PTC allows industry professionals to come together to share ideas and build relationships with one another.

“PTC allows LightRiver to interact with many of its customers and partners in a single location to connect, communicate, and collaborate,” comments Benda, “The ability to have face-to-face meetings with so many colleagues during PTC’s Annual Conference is a significant benefit for us, especially after the limitations of COVID-19 on in-person meetings. We appreciate PTC bringing together our community of professionals focused on telecommunication innovations and futures.”

To read the PTC Member Profile in its entirety, please visit the website here.

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