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What’s the biggest impact on automation and digital transformation? If you guessed maintaining network inventory, then you’re correct! Recently featured in PTC’s Blog, our COO, Travis Ewert, gives a breakdown of what it takes to truly get closer to the network.

For service providers, keeping an eye on what’s in the network can quickly become overwhelming and tedious. It becomes even more cumbersome when the layer of requirements for service layer inventory and logical configuration attribution are factored in.

No longer are the days where traditional Operations Support Systems (OSS) inventory platforms can continue to use manual, static and inaccurate approaches. For those network operators today that aspire to automate service delivery and assurance, accomplish cross-domain topology and correlation, have an accurate understanding of actual capacity, and make these network automations available to the customer through self-serve enablement – your inventory better be “spot on.” Beyond the impact to automation as described, the idea of running an operation where the underlying assets used to drive revenue are unknown or wrong should be unthinkable.

To find out exactly how real-time network discovery of both resource and service inventories is the answer, read the entire blog here.

In case you missed it! Mike Jonas, LightRiver’s President of Global Customer Operations was also recently featured in a PTC Member Profile.

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