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Out of all of the hot topics swirling around today’s tech and telecom universe, including the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR), one thing remains the same – most of these phrases were actually introduced years ago. And their common link? Interconnection.

To start, interconnection is defined as the data exchange between businesses and it is “delivered via globally dispersed data exchange points at the edge,” according to Network World. And while AI, IoT and VR are different, they all require interconnection between the various applications and services. Network World states, “interconnection is best achieved hosted in carrier-neutral data center campuses, where distributed IT components are collocated.” Basically, it’s what powers today’s digital businesses. So, let us quickly review the importance of interconnection and how it enables these emerging technologies to do what they do best.

Connect this, connect that, everything is connected! With this, all of that data has to be exchanged. With all of the information that is flying between states, countries and continents, private interconnection is at the heart of it all and provides direct and secure connectivity. When it comes to the countless businesses, digital ecosystems, devices and clouds that are all exchanging data, interconnection that has point A to point B connectivity is what’s needed in order to fuel the multiple technologies. Without interconnection, companies have to backhaul their information and the technologies that you see today, wouldn’t even be here.

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