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We’ve just announced our expanded RedHat Linux Server features set, DWDM and DCI capabilities and Carrier Ethernet enhanced visibility for netFLEX®!

The latest netFLEX® software release 3.8.0 leverages the most widely deployed server OS to:

  • Monitor alarms
  • Automatically discover, troubleshoot, analyze and provision L0/L1 services across multivendor optical networks, with L2 fault management extensions

The enhancement offers a more consumable, cost-effective and current solution set, enabling transport network operators to more fully benefit from next generation hardware technology and software-defined networks, and to immediately realize the vision of automated service creation and network assurance.

SDN Service Aware Network programmability and automation will be at the forefront as operators prepare for the next wave of bandwidth consumption, network speed and architectural transformation. It will be able support capabilities and innovations, including the evolution of multi-terabit services, data center interconnect, 5G and IoT. We believe that using a scalable, single pane of glass that leverages the most widely adopted server OS, in both physical and virtual environments, on the most widely deployed, best in class networking products, will drive advancement, savings and revenue.

The newly upgraded software will also continue to strengthen support wavelength services across multivendor DWDM network elements by adding increased support for flex grid environments, with production deployments and trials at Tier 1 Carrier and Global Cloud Network operators. The Wavelength Usage Matrix has been enhanced to support flex grid network elements and data center interconnect, which graphically display wavelength utilization on fixed and flex grid DWDM lines between network elements, increasing the user’s ability to plan new services and monitor overall bandwidth.

To learn more about the software upgrade, read the full press release here or check out our brand new netFLEX® website at


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