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By Simer Singh – Fujitsu

In the age of cloud native transition and SDN, communication service providers are facing many challenges, including how to maximize the existing legacy infrastructure investment. This challenge is most visible at the optical layer (Layers 0 and 1), as optical devices have long refresh cycles. To remain competitive, providers must upgrade to next generation architectures that can support new use cases and enable complete automation.

Traditionally, service providers have attempted to only deploy one or two vendors’ equipment at layer 0/1 to ease the operations-related issues. However, this couple of vendors scenario is not sustainable as organic growth, mergers and acquisitions, and technological changes shape the industry. Vendor agnostics and hybrid infrastructure are essential for speeding time to market and minimizing costs. But deploying additional vendor equipment in existing infrastructure brings its own set of challenges, such as the management of legacy and next-gen devices, and OSS/BSS integration…

So, how do you adopt SDN and cloud native architectures while maximizing your investment in legacy infrastructure? LightRiver and Fujitsu have some answers.

The Fujitsu Virtuora Network Control solution provides a full ecosystem for managing and automating networks, while LightRiver’s award-winning netFLEX® offers comprehensive multi-vendor automation support for hundreds of L0-L1 devices. When combined, the integrated solution helps service providers manage multi-vendor network devices through a single network operations view, while enabling access to future use cases (5G, AI, ML etc…).. .

The Virtuora NC Solution provides a framework for next generation SDN-enabled applications and interfaces that provides the control and management center of the modern network. This powerful, standards-based software system built on open source technologies, delivers a full-featured, lower-cost, scalable environment that extends the capabilities of a basic OpenDaylight controller or even a vendor-proprietary controller.

netFLEX was architected for end-to-end network and service automation where realtime (discovered) inventory, actionable analytics, and control automation were built for SDN abstraction to make the complexities of multi-vendor and multi-technology, ‘all look the same.’ This comprehensive Optical Domain Controller framework supports full life-cycle service automation of legacy and nextgen transport networks.

LightRiver and Fujitsu both bring deep knowledge and capabilities for managing Optical Networks. Virtuora can be deployed along with netFLEX to manage hundreds of multi-vendor optical network elements, to have a single pane of view of the complete network. They can be seamlessly integrated into OSS/BSS using uniform REST interfaces, and nextgen use cases can be enabled.

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