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city-hall-719963_1920 (2)Today’s government networks represent strategic assets that provide citizen and business services, ensure security, and enable emergency response, while enhancing local commerce, education and regional competitiveness for businesses and underserved sectors.

LightRiver helps governments modernize, streamline and securitize through an engagement model focused on understanding mission goals, solution alternatives, and risk assessment. We provide converged, multiservice, network infrastructure solutions that enable cost-effective scale while simplifying operational support.

Increased demand for information necessitates network capacity increases. In the face of declining tax revenues, governments must handle this demand cost-effectively for constituents, business, education and public safety. LightRiver networking solutions help cut networks costs through consolidation, virtualization, cloud computing, and reduction of energy consumption, while leveraging the equipment volume we drive with our focus on transport networking.


As the lines separating communications and security blur, transit authorities are looking at ways to integrate multiple services in their critical infrastructure without interruption into an industrial converged network. Evolving that infrastructure into a smart rail system reduces cost, improves efficiency and safety, and creates new revenue streams.

Metro Rail organizations throughout the country take advantage of today’s mission critical optical technologies to support mission-critical applications such as signaling and critical security services on a single converged network, further leveraging that network for numerous, non-critical, services like passenger connected services, fare collection, PA, Internet Access and Voice.

Research & Education

Research and Education clients require cost effective scalability that quickly provides the bandwidth for intensive, collaborative, data and computing tasks, in real time, as well as support distance learning, cluster processing, grid computing, and back office processes concurrently.

Regional and national network operators connect students, educators, faculty, researchers, and scientists around the world, erasing geographic boundaries and socio-economic divisions. Today’s networks are critical foundations that enable scientists and researchers to collaborate on massive data sets with shared technologies and innovate and discover without constraint.

Advanced Campus Infrastructure for Research

A strong campus technology foundation supports an environment where new forms of teaching and learning help faculty and students flourish and innovate research is enabled. LightRiver’s Metro DWDM and Carrier Ethernet portfolio provides campus network solutions that deliver high availability, resiliency, and security for 21st-century campus communications and application support.

Data is the lifeblood of scientific discovery—but only if it can be easily transported between researchers and machines for analysis and utilization.

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