urban-205986_1920 (2)Enterprise 2.0 is the strategic integration of Web 2.0 technologies into an enterprise’s intranet, extranet and business processes. Enterprise 2.0 implementations generally use a combination of social software and collaborative technologies like blogs, RSS, social bookmarking, social networking and wikis.

The need for bandwidth in large enterprises is exploding. Plans for disaster recovery and business continuance are forcing a geographically distributed facilities and infrastructure. Business trends such as video conferencing, remote workers and cloud computing are driving an increased use of telecommunications. While at the same time enterprises are relying less on leased facilities and more on their own bandwidth. All of this adds up to the need for a next generation enterprise Factory Built Network (FBN) ®.

LightRiver’s network services are ideal for the large enterprise whose bandwidth needs are exploding, but who would prefer to build a next generation enterprise network over continuing to lease facilities, reducing personnel and services OPEX. Wave Division Multiplexing (WDM) may be the answer.

Cloud computing, resource virtualization, native video transport, smart-grid-communication, business continuity and disaster recovery – Enterprise 2.0 demands access to bandwidth that can scale both rapidly and indefinitely without forklift upgrades. The network is ultimately the heart of Enterprise 2.0, bringing together information, colleagues, customers and partners while serving as a vehicle that drives innovation and success.

Today’s digital enterprise is both a consumer of telecommunication services as well as a provider of services to their workforce. Is it better for the business to procure dark fiber and IT equipment independently – or is it smarter to rely on a managed service provider?

CAPEX versus OPEX. The answer is typically driven by the strategic value of the network. But whether you decide to make or buy, our scalable Optical plus Ethernet networking solutions are designed to exceed your expectations. You can extend your enterprise applications over hundreds of miles without compromising performance or security.

Financial Services

financialState-of-the-art networking and communications for banks, security and commodity brokers/traders, hedge funds, HFT’s and managed service providers serving these segments.

Transform your network into a strategic asset to deliver critical revenue-generating applications, secure sensitive data, address regulatory requirements, and protect your valued reputation, as milliseconds may mean millions. Financial institutions are dependent upon their IT infrastructure.

The core of this infrastructure is a secure, highly reliable, high-speed optical backbone. A LightRiver backbone delivers low latency and protocol agnostic connectivity transmitting any form of data natively at the speed of light. This connectivity is critical when enabling new applications such as virtualization, cloud computing or software-defined networking (SDN).

With our LightRiver Portfolio solutions, you can:

  • Support explosive digital growth
  • Rapidly develop and deploy applications
  • Quickly adapt and transform the user experience through web and mobile applications
  • Build multilayer security with flexible reporting
  • Choose the technologies and price points you need, regardless of vendor
  • Quickly modernize data centers and connect branch offices
  • Transform compliance verification to a routine reporting option
  • Implement scalable, high-performance global service


medicine-163707_1280 (2)The healthcare industry is undergoing one of the most radical changes in its history. The need to drive new efficiencies and adopt modern IT systems is critical. Hospitals and affiliates that provide medical services and exchange information across data centers, clinics, laboratories, physician practices and other healthcare and research networks are increasingly reliant on high capacity, realtime, connectivity.

It starts with a custom network that supports telemedicine and anywhere, anytime, any device mobile health applications. A network that enables high-speed exchanges of big data for analytics and one that realizes the vision of a healthcare cloud and meets stringent regulatory, security, and privacy requirements.

Healthcare organizations are among the biggest producers of digital data and are continually challenged by how to store, share and securely transport this mission-critical information. LightRiver cloud, network, and communications infrastructure expertise and product access enhance your ability to provide the best possible care to more patients, more of the time.

SLIDER 4_editMedia and Entertainment

Movie and televisions pre- and post-production, broadcast television content contribution companies, CGI and gaming, sports teams and live entertainment venues, as well as managed service providers serving these segments are transforming their business models—from yesterday’s physical, manual world to today’s file-based and networked digital reality.

LightRiver makes this digital transformation possible by developing network architecture that supports a variety of distributed, automated, and professional media workflows, based on the business model supporting that transformation. These architectures enable content producers to improve file- and stream-based workflow collaboration, reduce OPEX, solve increasing bandwidth demands, and speed time to market with a simplified, converged, performance-on-demand packet-optical network.

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