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Travis Ewert, our amazing COO here at LightRiver, recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Rob Powell of Telecom Ramblings to discuss network automation, LightRiver’s netFLEX® platform, expansion plans and more.

With over 20 years of history as a transformational champion of network programmability and control, Travistalks the biggest differences and opportunities that is seen on the supplier side with LightRiver. In the article, he states, “We have a unique way of interfacing with customers, as we have been in their shoes. We can work with them in a much more intimate way to transform their operations and end-customer experiences by leveraging our network automation capabilities.”

See a snippet of the interview below and be sure to check out the entire article on Telecom Ramblings.

TR: What does LightRiver’s software business look like today? How does LightRiver approach network automation?

TE: Our primary focus is that of network automation through our netFLEX® platform, which is short for network FLEXIBILITY and is a multi-domain optical domain controller that fits within an SDN-reference model. Our key themes for netFLEX are simplify, standardize, and personalize. First and foremost, we’re all about network automation and control of both legacy networks and next generation optical transport networks. We can service the old, the current, and even the new, and whether you’re using our UI or coming in via API or more advanced integrations, we make it all look the same. That’s what we mean by simplified and standardized, and based on my 20+ years with service providers, that’s compelling just by itself. But the unique thing is we’ve done it in more of a componentized, network-as-a-service approach. This allows our customers to personalize by leveraging our advanced data analytics and API services frameworks.

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