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Hot off the press! Our COO, Travis Ewert, and Senior Director of Product Design, Tim Nice, are featured in Pipeline Magazine’s Agility issue, in an article titled, “Personalizing through Programmability.” The article discusses how within the networking industry today, the confluence of open networking, software-defined control automation, and analytics-driven management has resulted in many definitions of what we all refer to as ‘Programmable Networking.’ The article takes a deeper dive into what it all means to the user and the overall experience and value created for them.

Read the entire article here, to learn exactly why the ultimate business driver should be that of Customer Experience (CX) and how all of these advanced networking paradigms can be leveraged to provide the ultimate CX. More specifically, allowing the network operator to be able to custom-define the experience (for themselves, their end customers, their partners, and so on).

Additionally, learn about LightRiver’s Customer Defined Experience (CDX)™, which is the enabler for customer’s to truly personalize their experience to their unique network and customer needs.

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