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Duration Course


OTN Basics 01:00 B202
Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) Basics 01:30 B203
Multiprotocol Label Switching Fundamentals 02:30 B204
Packet Networking Switch Overview 00:45 B205
Countdown to the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 00:35 B232
G.8032 ERPS Overview 00:15 B243
Fiber Cleaning, Inspection and Analysis 00:40 B300
Technology Series: Measuring Optical Loss 01:00 B301
Carrier Ethernet Associate (CE-A) Pre-Assessment 00:45 CEAP
ESD, Laser Safety, and Fiber Cleaning 00:30 CN06
Ethernet Basics 01:00 E610
Fiber Optic Cable Installation 01:00 F200
Fiber Optics Fundamentals 02:00 F201B
Quality & Reliability: Soldering Basics 00:15 F301
An Introduction to Optical Communications 01:00 OC01
Optical Communications Associate (OC-A) Pre-Assessment 00:45 OCAP
Industry Specific Applications 00:00 R708


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