Today, next-generation DWDM and Ethernet services are rapidly expanding as demand comes from almost every enterprise, service provider and government agency, scaling to multiple gigabits per second speeds.

This increase will be driven by demand for cloud services bandwidth accessed via IP virtual private networks (VPNs), Ethernet services, and mobile backhaul transport over Ethernet services.

Network Operators are rapidly evolving their networks to Packet Optical technologies to improve upon the capabilities of their legacy, SONET/TDM networks. This migration supports the large influx of packet optical and packet-based services and software that is becoming part of every customer’s needs, and provides huge benefits to the network operator.

However, despite these trends and benefits, mission-critical networks operators cannot, and should not, risk a negative customer experience during these migrations.

The formidable task of network modernization is often compounded by a lack of critical in-house resources with the tools, knowledge, methodologies, procedures and best practices to ensure migration projects are completed on time, with accuracy, and with minimal operational impact.

To help ensure that every precaution is taken, and various options are considered, LightRiver uses it’s Labs to game plan migration to new vendors, technologies and services, and to insure a level of interop is achieved prior to touching a live network. These precautions are then augmented by applying lessons learned in our LightRiver Network Factory.

With an installed base of over $500 million in deployed networking systems, and extensive experience servicing the Tier 1 Utilities, Tier 2/3 Competitive Communications Service Providers and Web 2.0 players, LightRiver offers network operators the proven expertise in network migration backed by an unparalleled depth of knowledge spanning circuit- and packet-based transport technologies and systems – Layer 0 to Layer 3.

LightRiver utilizes a number of carrier-grade best practices to deliver a full spectrum of outcome-based migration services for multi-vendor and multi-technology networks. LightRiver’s vendor-agnostic philosophy is designed to maximize the performance of your network as you modernize your service delivery infrastructure, and we have built LightRiver Labs to support that mission.

Right-sized to our customers’ specific needs and migration requirements, the LightRiver solutions portfolio addresses a broad range of modernization and migration applications in mobile and fixed line transport network environments. LightRiver has invested millions of dollars in a comprehensive, multi-vendor, transport lab that is used to provide real value to our customers by providing a platform for;

  • “What-if” feasibility analysis
  • Methods-of-procedure development (MOPs)
    • MOPs mean a detailed written procedure for completing complex equipment, network, circuit reconfigurations and similar services. A MOP is typically employed where live traffic is moved, migrated or reconfigured. MOPs are normally written by Tier III (highest level) technicians or engineers.
  • System turn-up and Performance testing
  • Node insertions, migrations and cutovers
  • Troubleshooting provisioning and interop issues in multi-vendor lab rather than production network
  • “Hands-on” learning

These investments in LightRiver Migration Solutions provide recognizable Outcomes for our customers, by

  • Improving overall service performance while simplifying network operations, preserving legacy CAPEX investments, and expanding new revenue opportunities,
  • Reducing cost and complexity by efficiently and cost-effectively integrating diverse technologies and multi-vendor network elements – reducing infrastructure: less power and space requirements,
  • Optimizing migration to new technologies and platforms with a customized service and support plan tailored to your specific technical and commercial requirements,
  • Minimizing time-to-deployment for new services without any unplanned impact to existing customer traffic or operational systems,
  • Ensuring carrier-class service integrity and ongoing network availability with detailed MOPs and best industry practices.
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