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Late last week, our partner Ciena announced its brand new channel partners program, Ciena Partner Network (CPN). The program is a move from the traditional and geared towards, “customization, personalization, and strategic business planning to empower partners globally.”

With technology constantly changing, Ciena found the need to enhance its program in order to keep pace with the IT landscape. The new personalized approach moves away from the “one-size fits all” in order to enable partners from a single platform. According to Ciena, “The CPN program enables Ciena partners to uniquely respond to technology disruptions and market transitions, capture new opportunities, and offer specialized services and solutions.”

Our President of Global Customer Operations, Mike Jonas, stated, “Not only is CPN a winner for Ciena, it is for us and our customers, as well. Ciena realized that to deliver upon the promise of Adaptive Networks, they needed an innovative program that was built specifically for the task, and one that was geared to the future. Cookie cutter programs built around a VAR model work in some environments, but to deliver full value to our markets it takes more than that. Combining cutting edge technology with a multifaceted partner like us with sector expertise in designing, deploying and integrating programmable infrastructure, and in software control, automation and integration, is what’s needed. By collaboratively planning segment support, we will better leverage each of our strengths to the market’s benefit.”

To read the entire announcement, click here.

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