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Introducing – Managed Waves! 

As part of our ongoing commitment to our customers and to providing unparalleled value in the design, deployment, automation and support of mission -critical transport networks, we are proud to announce our new proactive network health services solution: Managed Waves . Managed Waves provides the automation, advanced data and analytics and Optical Engineering personnel that enable taking action on issues before a disruption in the network occurs and/or reduce the impact of disruptions that are unavoidable.

Managed Waves leverages netFLEX® for data collection, trending and learning algorithms to make the data ‘actionable.’ Autonomous Networking is used to automatically detect, test, isolate and either auto-remediate an issue or notify the LightRiver Network Health Engineer to respond appropriately. The Managed Waves solution offers a proactive, autonomous way to monitor optical network health for companies that are not ready to invest in a network management system. This solution is also ideal for companies that do not have the personnel required to proactively manage their critical Optical Network infrastructure and customer services. 

Explore all there is to learn about Managed Waves – visit

We will keep you posted of new and exciting announcements to come about upon the launch of this groundbreaking solution! 

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