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Pipeline Magazine Feature by LightRiver VP of Professional Services Discusses How to Deliver Speed While Preserving the Highest in Network Fidelity

Agility is of the utmost importance for operators seeking a competitive edge. The most successful operators must rapidly vet and deploy new technology so that they can compete by offering greater value in the most appropriate technology, performance, predictability and ecosystem enablement. In short, network build speed is life.

In this article, Mr. Greg Byrne, VP of Professional Services for LightRiver, discusses how and why a business model that leverages the Factory Built Network® (FBN) procedure delivers that speed while preserving the network.

“With faster deployment and greater reliability, [LightRiver’s] time-saving Factory Built Network procedure creates agility for network operators. As a result, network operators can enjoy the benefits of their new systems sooner while reaping the advantages of lower costs and higher performance.”

To read the entire article in Pipeline’s new issue on Agility, click here.

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