Integrated Solution for Advanced Voice & Data Applications

Zhone IMACS FamilyThe concept of Integrated Access began with the introduction of the IMACS. Initially, the IMACS was a vision that brought bandwidth savings for voice and data access. IMACS has not strayed from its vision and has remained the most flexible, robust, and scalable integrated access solution in the telecommunications market today. In fact, we have continued to build on our promise to provide the most robust set of voice and data access services and applications on one manageable platform – IMACS.

The IMACS – with over 50 optional service application modules, four flexible, and scalable chassis options – provides an almost limitless combination of services, applications and network interfaces.

The IMACS is unrivaled in its network versatility. The IMACS supports V.35, V.11/X.21, up to eight (8) T1, E1, Fractional T1, Fractional E1, TDMoIP, and Optical WAN interfaces. An integrated digital cross-connect is available to consolidate multiple voice, data, and T1/E1 services. Four chassis models, IMACS 200, IMACS 600, 800, and 900, differ in their card capacity and card install options (front, or front and rear). All models (except the 200) support the same range of modular cards, power supplies, and system redundancy options. All IMACS systems can be fully managed either with local craft interface through a VT100, PC, or through the OnLine Element Management System using standard SNMP interfaces.

In addition, IMACS offers a powerful array of integrated network diagnostic and fault isolation capabilities. These include Bit Error Rate Testers, test tone and signaling state generation, digital and analog loopback support, and remote configuration and control. IMACS meets stringent standards criteria, such as NEBS and CE, which means you can deploy the IMACS almost anywhere in your network.

The IMACS is designed to continuously meet the needs of a changing telecommunications landscape. With its advanced patented modular architecture, voice and data services can be deployed quickly and cost effectively. Applications include: POTS (FXS, FXO, E&M), ISDN (BRI and PRI), voice compression (ADPCM and ACELP), VPN access, Internet access, integrated routing capabilities, voice over Frame Relay, Digital Data Networks (DDN), analog private lines, and numerous others. And the IMACS is being used in both public and private, as well as traditional facilities-based and wireless networks.

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