Flexible and futureproof networks

DCP-M and M-Series are truly open line systems. They work with any combination of embedded DWDM, transponder and muxponder traffic depending on the specific needs of the network.

DCP-M – Zero touch provisioning

DCP-M is exactly like using a passive multiplexer, but unlike a passive multiplexer it monitors the traffic, amplifies the signals for longer distances and can handle higher data rate protocols.

  • Completely automatic optical setup, just like using a passive multiplexer
  • Automatic fiber distance measurement and Dispersion Compensation setting
  • Automatic modulation format detection
  • Automatic client and line regulation
  • Support for a mixture of up to 40 x PAM4 (Colorz), 400ZR OIF, NRZ & coherent wavelengths
  • Scalable and cost effective datacom platform
  • Modern management architecture based on REST/Netconf APIs or a CLI, when required
  • Easily integrated into any network telemetry system
  • The leading 1U Open Line System on the market for use with PAM4 transceivers

Reduced cost

Unprecedented level of cost efficiency and ROI for DCI. The end result: reduction in price, fewer spare parts and lower operating cost.

User friendly

Traditional telecom grade DWDM systems are inherently expensive and complicated to run. Complete zero-touch automatic optical setup, just like using a passive multiplexer.

Longer distances

Same plug and play experience as a passive multiplexer with the distance extension and traffic monitoring capabilities of an active DWDM system.

Green data center

Low power consumption. Small form-factor. Ultimate green data solutions

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