The SEL-3355 Hardened Server uses a high-performance x86-64 architecture processor to support modern operating systems like Microsoft ® Windows ® and Linux ® . The extremely rugged SEL hardware of the SEL-3355 enables you to use your choice of computer operating system and software in very harsh environments not suitable for general purpose computers.

Integrate the SEL-3355 in computing applications that demand high performance, reliability, and low maintenance in extreme, harsh environments. The SEL-3355 offers a mean time between failure (MTBF) of at least ten times that of typical industrial computers by: eliminating all moving parts, including rotating hard drives and fans; using high-quality solid-state drives; and using error-correcting memory technology. By eliminating vent holes, the SEL-3355 significantly reduces dust buildup and foreign contaminants. Dual modular, hotswappable, ac/dc power supplies eliminate the need for external inverters and enhance system reliability, availability, and serviceability. You can install software from SEL and third-party software vendors to customize the SEL-3355 for your specific applications. Every SEL-3355 comes with the unprecedented ten-year, worldwide SEL warranty.

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