Metropolitan networks present a more challenging planning picture than ever before. It’s a whole new game trying to determine where and when—and with what service mix—your most profitable business will appear. In one location, you may need to add-drop DS3s, EC-1s, DS1s, Ethernet, hub OC-3/OC-12/OC-48 optical rings, provide storage private lines, stretch the capacity of existing fiber and serve IP protocols. What course do you take? How do you build networks for unpredictable growth while ensuring an optimized utilization of bandwidth and the existing assets?

Ciena has the answer, with the Optical Metro 3500 Multiservice Platform optical transport solutions for central office, remote office and enterprise customer premises environments.

From the proven optical family of connectivity and transport products, Ciena offers the Optical Metro 3500 Multiservice Platform as a part of its next-generation SONET portfolio that enables the evolution and enhancement of existing metro networks and ultimately sets a new economic benchmark for network efficiency while increasing broadband service potential. Ciena’s next-generation SONET portfolio delivers significant cost reduction in capital and operational expenditures, provides optimal utilization of existing assets, enhances service delivery, enables faster service
deployment and provides effective bandwidth utilization.

This multi-rate, multiservice Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM)
next-generation SONET platform offers 60 Gbps of capable switch capacity in a
compact, economical package — ideally suited for the demands of metropolitan
fiber-optic networks, including newgeneration Optical Ethernet services and storage
connectivity services.

Optical Ethernet unlocks new capabilities by allowing customers to optimize their
network through new types of services. A variety of different service provider and
enterprise customers can take advantage of vast amounts of Wide Area Network
(WAN) bandwidth, offering converged services and streamlined operations.

Features and Benefits

  • Offers universal expansion slots for adding a custom mix of DS1, DS3, EC-1/STS-1, storage, Ethernet, OC-3, OC-12, and OC-48 services
  • Handles Ethernet services efficiently through Resilient Packet Ring technology with a full suite of native rate and provisionable client interfaces
  • Enables efficient service mapping through Generic Framing Protocol (GFP) and Virtual Concatenation (VCAT).
  • Offers storage extension (1000s of km) through integrated capabilities such as compression, BBC and flow control
  • Supports service modules that enable high-density service termination (DS1 and Ethernet) without stacking multiple shelves (e.g. up to 1008 protected DS1s per single shelf), thus
    reducing CAPEX/OPEX
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