SD-WAN: Extend policy-based automation from the cloud to the enterprise WAN

Nuage Networks Virtualized Network Services (VNS) automate branch site connectivity to help service providers and enterprises reduce operational overhead and launch new services faster.

Today, network programmability and policy-based automation exist in silos between the datacenter or cloud and the enterprise WAN:

  • The datacenter has its own networking environment focused on virtual applications and workload mobility.
  • The WAN needs to connect branches, the private cloud and public cloud providers, all of which have specific service and security requirements.

With Nuage Networks VNS, you can integrate these two functional islands to create a single, cohesive cloud environment. This integration helps you maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your IT operations across multiple sites and technologies.

Nuage Networks VNS gives you deployment options for cloud integration and branch VPN services. You can use these options to add new automation and on-demand service capabilities to your existing VPN and MPLS offerings.

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