Nuage Networks SDN and SD-WAN products help enterprises and service providers increase efficiency and reduce costs by automating cloud operations and networking tasks

The cloud promises to increase IT resource efficiency and business agility by bringing a much greater degree of automation to all IT tasks. This automation will flexibly configure network and compute resources for optimization. It will also deploy and scale new applications and services on demand, at the right location.

Much of this automation comes from a new software-defined infrastructure, where cloud orchestration software accelerates processes and reduces the cost of error-prone tasks at scale. Software-defined infrastructure relies on server and network virtualization to remove complexity and help achieve cloud workload mobility and location independence.

Nuage Networks helped establish software-defined networking (SDN) as the foundation for cloud networking and policy-based automation. But unlike other vendors, we take an open, vendor-neutral approach to cloud infrastructure.

Nuage Networks glues together cloud networks that run on any platform, networking hardware, cloud management system, and cloud provider. The company is committed to open-source platforms and infrastructure. And it has built a large partner ecosystem to provide flexibility for the future and eliminate forklift upgrades today.

Nuage Networks is the only vendor that delivers this policy-based automation vision across the datacenter, cloud and WAN in one seamless platform. You don’t need multiple vendors or products to drive your cloud automation. Nuage Networks’ SDN products allow you to reduce infrastructure costs and learning curves so you can realize the promise of the cloud.

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