Our Network Services Platform (NSP) helps you automate your IP and optical networks to simplify your operations, respond quickly to fast-changing demand, get the most from your resources and ensure maximum service performance and reliability.

NSP answers your need for more responsive, efficient and reliable IP networks with:

A complete suite of ready-to-use applications that help your network operations teams cover all use cases for network management and control
An SDN resource controller that lets your network engineering teams control the network and optimize traffic in real time
An open programmable platform that enables your engineers and developers to automate network operations and ease integration with orchestrators and operations support systems (OSS)

Features and Benefits

Abstract ever-increasing network complexity and diversity

NSP is a comprehensive platform that makes it simpler to build multivendor networks that combine IP, MPLS, optical and microwave technologies across multiple domains. It is user friendly and turns abstract service definition into device-specific commands to make life easier for your operations team.

Get the most from your people and network resources

NSP reduces your operating cost by enabling you to rely on one management and control platform that supports common tools and practices. By automating repetitive tasks and complex workflows, NSP eases the pressure on your skilled network operations staff and specialized networking tools. It also helps you make better use of your network capacity.

Keep up with fast-changing market demand

NSP aligns your network offering with your service requirements. Its flexible, modular and programmable approach helps you respond to customers’ needs and quickly adapt to changing demand patterns. It provides open interfaces that simplify integration into your existing environment to enable faster deployment and service rollouts.

Ensure a high quality of experience for every user and application

NSP is a carrier-class platform that enables you to deliver performance that meets requirements . It provides the tools you need to troubleshoot the network, fix issues quickly, move traffic and reconfigure the network before an incident actually occurs. NSP uses intent-based networking and closed-loop automation to achieve your intended outcomes and maintain them in real time in unexpected or evolving traffic and network conditions.

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