The NOKIA (formerly Alcatel-Lucent) 1850 TSS solves a key problem facing service providers: how to migrate from predominantly SONET/SDH transport networks to transport that is optimized for packet traffic. The NOKIA (formerly Alcatel-Lucent) 1850 TSS product family answers this call by providing platforms that support rich-featured Ethernet/packet and SONET/SDH services and transport with integrated WDM/ROADM. The NOKIA (formerly Alcatel-Lucent) 1850 TSS is a pioneering family of products in an emerging segment, Packet-Optical Transport, aimed at giving service providers a powerful tool for seamless transport-network transformation.

With the NOKIA (formerly Alcatel-Lucent) 1850 TSS, service providers can exert maximum leverage from existing SONET/SDH networks and concurrently deploy robust packet transport with rich-featured Ethernet using the same platforms. In this manner, service providers can offer a complete array of TDM and packet services regardless of the underlying transport, migrating toward pure packet transport seamlessly as packet traffic becomes more dominant.

The NOKIA (formerly Alcatel-Lucent) 1850 TSS product family addresses this network- and service-transition challenge with models that range from the metro and regional core to the customer premises equipment (CPE). At each level of the network hierarchy, the NOKIA (formerly Alcatel-Lucent) 1850 TSS provides the features and capacity to deliver a mix of TDM and Ethernet service, leveraging both SONET/SDH and Ethernet transport.


  • Empowers service providers to deliver a flexible mix of broadband services
  • Significant OPEX reductions stem from simplified network operations
  • Lowers the risk of CAPEX investments that may vary over time with changes in service demand
  • Shortens time-to-revenue for new broadband services


  • Open platform with universal switch that supports any mix of traffic from 100% circuits to 100% packets gives total freedom in planning network resources for future-proof scalable networks
  • Unique technology-independent (universal) switch is capable of switching and transporting packets or circuits in their native format
  • Carrier Ethernet/transport MPLS switching technologies support transport QoS levels and enable seamless interworking with existing assets
  • Any mix of Ethernet, TDM, WDM OTH and future transport technologies can be supported with only a simple change of the interface cards, eliminating the need for future switch investments as new services or protocols emerge

NOKIA (formerly Alcatel-Lucent) 1850 TSS-5

alcatel-lucent 1850 tss-5The NOKIA (formerly Alcatel-Lucent) 1850 Transport Service Switch, TSS-5 is a compact, modular optical transport switch ideally suited for mobility backhaul and multiservice business applications. With TDM and Ethernet for service and network interfaces, it is a flexible, robust solution for transport over fiber or copper. The NOKIA (formerly Alcatel-Lucent) 1850 TSS-5 supports PWE3 circuit emulation service (CES) over Ethernet. The combination of CES pseudowires with native TDM transport and Ethernet over SONET/SDH enables service providers to create hybrid optical/packet networks for smooth network migration as traffic become increasingly IP/Ethernet oriented. Read about the benefits and features here.

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