MDR-8000 Microwave Digital Radio
The Nokia MDR-8000 offers low, medium and high capacity microwave links for point-to-point connections that cover a broad variety of requirements for mobile public and private operators of fixed networks. Microwave links provide faster deployment than wireline or fiber optic facilities and the MDR-8000 offers quick, easy installation and enhanced flexibility.

The MDR-800 has a wide range of Models, including the MDR-8X06, MDR-8000, MDR-8000-135, MDR-8502, MDR-8505U-16, MDR-8505U-2, MDR-8505U-4, MDR-8505U-8, MDR-8506-2, MDR-8506-4, MDR-8506-8, MDR-8508, MDR-8508-16, MDR-8508-4, MDR-8600-34, MDR-8602-45, MDR-8606-135, MDR-8606-45, MDR-8607-90 2 DS3, MDR-8608-135, MDR-8608-45, MDR-8611-135, MDR-8611-45, MDR-8705U-24, MDR-8706-12, MDR-8706-16, MDR-8706-2, MDR-8706-4, MDR-8706-8, MDR-8706E-150, MDR-8706I-16, MDR-8706S-155, MDR-8708-8, MDR-8708S-155, MDR-8710-12, MDR-8710-16, MDR-8710-2, MDR-8710-8, and MDR-8711S-155

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