Network Automation Solutions

Transform your network experience with resilient, closed-loop, and intent-driven automation powered by AI and ML. Simplify your operations through key insights abstracted from network data.

NorthStar Controller

Powerful and flexible traffic engineering solution simplifies and automates provisioning, management, and monitoring of segment routing and IP/MPLS flows across large networks.

NorthStar Planner

Network planning and simulation tool provides in-depth network views, health audits, and scenario planning, without impacting your live network.


Highly automated data collection and network analytics solution uses ML algorithms to provide coherent and actionable operational intelligence across network deployments.

Anuta ATOM

Modular software platform provides closed-loop automation for provisioning, managing, monitoring, and assuring networks and services.

Junos Telemetry

Streams real-time performance data from your network devices to fuel performance analysis, service assurance, and troubleshooting tools.

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