An open, programmable networking system built for scale and flexibility, BTI7800 Series Packet Optical Transport Platforms are designed to meet service and cloud providers’ need for high-bandwidth metro networking solutions. This large-scale system lowers per-gigabit costs, improves network utilization, simplifies operations, and delivers massive capacity in a compact footprint.

A rich set of optical capabilities includes 200 Gbps coherent modules with integrated ROADMs. With these features, you can increase network capacity, reduce space/power/cooling costs, improve network utilization, and simplify the deployment of high-value services.

The platform has a modular, flexible, pay-as-you-grow architecture. It supports a broad range of interfaces, including 10, 100, and 200 Gbps; OTU2 and OTU4; and OC-192/STM-64.

The system automatically discovers and connects all network nodes and modules, streamlining operations and eliminating manually intensive and error-prone configuration tasks. Manage your system with Juniper Networks proNX Service Manager, an SDN-architected, high-performance network management and control platform with open APIs, web GUIs, and software-enabled networking.


Industry-Leading Port Density

Industry-leading port density with scalability to 16.8 Tbps in a single rack enables very high-speed transmission.

Compact Form Factor

Compact form factor delivers space and power savings.

Carrier-Grade Design

Carrier-grade design with no single point of failure boosts service availability.

SDN-Architected Software

SDN-architected software simplifies management and control.

Autodiscovery and Auto-Connection

Autodiscovery and auto-connection of all network nodes and modules eliminate manual configuration tasks.

Modular Architecture

Modular architecture protects investment by providing a migration path to new technologies and applications

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